Keepall 60 in the overhead bin?

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009

    i have a question about the keepall 60. i checked it out today and i really like it. i am thinking about buying it but not sure if it would work as a bag that i could take on board. i need a big bag because shoes are big. i'm a US men's 16 (UK 15/EU 49). also, need it to fit my clothes. i refuse to check any LV bags into check in as i am paranoid about baggage handlers. anyway, tell me what you think about the 60 as a carry on bag. if not, which bag can accomodate me and my needs without checking in the luggage.
  2. i have the 60, and IMO, it is definitely NOT overhead friendly.

    Perhaps depending on how much you've stuffed it, you can fit it in, but even so, you'd have to fit it in length wise, which isn't practical, otherwise it would stick out of the bin. But don't some planes have places in the front where they can hold your luggage for you?

    as for other options i'm of no help. i have the 45 as well, which fits very nicely into overheads, but that would be way to small for your needs.
  3. The description on either the LV website or Elux says that the 55 is the largest keepall that will fit into the overhead bin.
  4. 55 is the largest that will fit in the overhead compartment, and even that's not guaranteed if you stuff it full. Be prepared to gate check it if you ever fly on the smaller regional jets.

    I see you're in London--Heathrow is really strict about carry-on luggage. I would check out their restrictions and follow them to the letter. What counts as a carry-on in other airports does not at Heathrow. I've heard horror stories from friends about souveniers and expensive items broken/missing in hand luggage that had to be checked at LHR, even though they carried it on through multiple other airports that trip.
  5. I've taken my graphite keepall, which is think is a 55, on carry at heathrow and havent had a problem... yet
  6. Heh. You are a lucky, lucky man. Keep using the 55. The 60 would be a waste of money because you'll be forced to check it every time.

    What about using a smaller one with it? I believe even LHR lets you on board with a carry-on plus a personal item. The 45 could be your personal item. Unless, of course, you need to carry a laptop bag, in which case you should disregard what I just said.
  7. I fly within the United States and specifically fly w/ Continental Airlines and Delta Airlines. I have had no problem carrying-on my Keepall 60 fully stuffed. Before you decide, take a look at airlines websites you plan to fly and base your decision on information you obtain. Just to be safe, stick w/ Keepall 50 or 55. Good luck w/ your decision.
  8. Sofia Mena --> Do you really think they'll accept a bag as big as a Keepall 45 as a personal item? My experiences at Stansted doesn't convince me to be honest. The last time I was in London I had one large suitcase which I checked in (of course) and I was carrying my large Noé and I had a shoppingbag (the square kind with a zippered top) which was well within the allowed measurements for carryon luggage, and the security guard made a big fuzz about only being allowed one piece of carryon luggage. He actually insisted that I should leave my Noé behind. I managed to squeeze the Noé into the shoppingbag and took it out after passing security. The airline (Ryanair) didn't care, even though the flight was full.
  9. i have the 55, never had a problem...
  10. Does it depend on the airline you're flying with? I know with Singapore Airlines cabin baggage is limited to dimensions of Length + Breadth + Height (including protrusions) not exceeding 115 cm (45 inches) in total subject to stowability. So a bag measuring 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (22" x 16" x 8") would be fine.
  11. many threads on this topic. Seems the max is a keepall 55.