Keepall 55 question

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    I bought a Keepall used from a member here on TPF and I have a couple questions. The bag was made in 1991, and every thing is straight, but three stitches are off or smaller right at the base of the handles on the strap that goes around the bag. , I know on older French Company bags, attention to detail is not as precise as some of the other factories, but this one was made in France. The 55 under the tab is not centered as well.

    Is that normal? not really asking for authenticity, more asking LV is normally perfect, no matter how small the detail. Do the levels of perfection change by decade, or who is the top designer?

    Another odd thing I noticed, I was looking on the website tonight at the 55, in the main picture, the bag has the LV logo twice in between the handles, mine is just one row of LV logos. But if you click zoom or other views, the bag has a single row as well. DO they go back and forth on this? Or could they have used the 50's picture by mistake?
  2. I just figured someone would know.
  3. Yes, small details can change over time