Keepall 55: Damier Graphite or Mono Macassar

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Graphite v. Macassar

  1. Damier Graphite

  2. Monogram Macassar

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Simple: I'm most likely going to dive in and get a keepall 55 for traveling, but can't decide, do you guys think the Damier Graphite or Mono Macassar looks better on a guy?

    All of my travel accessories are damier since I historically haven't been drawn to monogram: pocket agenda/checkbook holder: graphite, passport cover: ebene, zippy coin purse: graphite, 4 key holder: ebene.

    Although I have to admit that recently I have been drawn to the macassar, hmmmm.....

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  2. I much prefer Damier in general too, and I love all your accessories.

    However, the Macassar is gorgeous! A Macassar is on my wishlist for somewhere down the line a bit. I'd love to own one!
  3. Graphite!
  4. Love and vote for Damier Graphite.
  5. Both nice but I'd go for Macassar
  6. Thanks all, there appears to be a somewhat clear winner already in the poll. Although I think some of the nonclassical monogram pieces work best for women (bought my sister a amarante vernis sarah) and men (spring/summer 2011 cotton/denim), of all the classical monogram, the keepall 55 macassar is one of the few that I think actually works for any guy. That said, damier graphite is a pretty tried and true option, and hopefully the S/S'11 bags won't be ridiculously expensive, and I can bring in a monogram variety to my collection.

    Geeze, I was only going to buy one (my first) LV bag as a graduation present to myself, but I guess I can convince myself that a PhD is worth two (?) ;)

    Thanks all very much again,
  7. Definitely! When I finish my master's I know I'll be treating myself to a little (or a lot, if I can afford it!) LV. :nuts:

  8. Oh the feeling of finishing school does one celebrate. I'm sure we'll both go on quite a retail and alcohol binge;)
  9. just got the macassar awsome
  10. Another vote for the macassar:smile:
  11. macassar... I'm actually at the airport with mine now ;)
  12. Macassar
  13. I love the Macassar!
  14. Macassar
  15. Get the macassar :smile: