Keepall 55 as Carry on luggage?

  1. I'm planning a "backpacking" trip through parts of Europe, but have no desire to carry an ugly backpack. :push: Instead, I want to use the Keepall 55. Is this bag small enough to use as carry on luggage but big enough to carry several changes of clothing? Pictures would be great if you have them saved on your computer or something. :smile:

    I really want the waterproof keepall that was featured on the blog; is it still available? I believe I read somewhere that it's limited edition, and I couldn't find it on eLuxury. If not, I think I'd rather have Damier than mono.
  2. I think I read in another thread that 55 is the biggest you can take as carry on but some airlines will only take the 50. HTH!
  3. If you only need several changes of clothing the 45 might be big enough for you, or even the 50. The 55 is pretty big and they may make you check that one in.
  4. If you are going on a backpacking trip, I'd reconsider a Keepall, especially if you are going to be doing a lot of walking with your bag or staying in youth hostels (or somewhere similar).
  5. I have a 55 and I`ve never had any problems taking it on as carry-on.

    However, it does get kinda big and bulky - and HEAVY, so I`m not sure if I`d want to take it backpacking. I get sick of mine going from the airport to my hotel and back, so I`m not sure I`d be comfortable having it on me more than that or having to leave it in hostels and other "less secure" places..

  6. Well said! I also have the 55 and it really does get to be too much to carry in very short order. I would not recommend trying to carry one of these packed bags for any length of time. It makes a great carry-on though! Consider a Carryall. I have one of those too and it holds a lot, but isn't so bulky and heavy when it's packed. I've used it as a carry-on for shorter trips when I only need two or three casual outfits. Good Luck in your search!
  7. Don't forget that depending on which airports you are going to be landing in or departing from, you might encounter different restrictions.
    Heathrow for example is VERY strict and up to 15 days ago only allowed one small bag checked in. I even had to push my Batignolles in my trolley to meet the requirements. My trolley is much smaller than a Keepall and they had to measure it before I was allowed on.

    So keep yourself informed as much as you can before your trip.
  8. I checked the dimensions with several larger airlines in the US and they all allowed the 55. I have NOT checked any airports in other countires, though so the restrictions may be different.
    It really is quite big and bulky and if I get another piece of LV luggage it will probably be the 45 or 50.
  9. I was also thinking about getting the 55 for carry on, the SA told me that most airlines will allow it, but not all (in USA), so i'm still hesitant. I think i might go with the 50 to be safe. I haven't been able to find the waterproof on Eluxury either but i did see it just last week at the Fashion Valley LV store in San Diego!! I'd call the boutiques to try to find it! Otherwise i agree - i'd rather have the Damier too! G'luck on your search!:tup:

    here's a pic for those that haven't seen it! LOVE IT!

  10. I would reconsider if i was you. I don't think the Keepall would be comfy if you're going to walk a lot with it. Especially the 55!
  11. I agree. I had the 55 but returned it b/c it was heavy when stuffed. My 50 is heavy stuffed as well!
  12. I think the 55 is perfect for travel, but not for everyday use and carrying it around everywhere you go... :s

    I saw the Waterproof Keepall yesterday on display at the LV inside NM in Houston. So I think there are still some floating around...
  13. i think the 55 in daimer would be perfect
  14. I have the 50, and although it is a handy carry on, I would never use it as a backpacker while traveling, it isnt a convenient bag that way, is pretty bulky to carry with you everywhere.
  15. The 55 seems too heavy and bulky to carry for long distances, but for a carry on it looks perfect.