Keepall 55, any info pls...

  1. I'm looking to get a keepall 55 with the handle straps, preferrably MC. I've been searchin the website, does anyone know if it exist??? Or any suggestions on 55 with straps?
  2. MC keepalls are only in 45. I have a mono keepall 55 with shoulder strap, and to be honest, I wish I had gotten a smaller one and/or damier as it gets big and heavy and difficult to keep clean because of the vachetta. Good luck whatever you choose to get! :smile:
  3. Agree with sweetlove, Keepall 55 & 60 are pretty big and heavy to carry/shoulder - I've bandouliere unless you put on baggage but won't recomended, major of us here have bad experience with baggage system - they damage our Keepall.

    I prefer Keepall 50 or 45. Keepall 55 measuring around 57.5 cm, it mean Keepall 55 is smaller around 2.5 cm only than Keepall 60.
  4. I use Mono keepall 50 with shoulder strap as my everyday bag. Most of the time i carry A3 size folders, so its perfect for me! I would recommened you to get damier keepall..IMO i think easier to take care of. one side of my keepall has denim stain on vachetta cause of me placeing keepall on my shoulder or across the body:sad:
  5. ^ Lol, I do that when I travel with mine as well, but in my case, only my shoulders gets marks though, but they are highly visible and stuff.. I need to learn how to pack lighter.
  6. Thanks for your infos guys. I've got keepall 50 and I like the size, but it bugs me that it doesn't have a shoulder strap. I want one with a shoulder strap but is allowed on planes as well... So the MC have no straps?
  7. MC only came in 45, I have it in white and black. I also have the mongram 55 w/o strap. I like the MC keepalls better as they look beyond gorgeous.
  8. Yeah no straps for Multicolor and it does only come in a 45, you could put a strap on it but I think it looks dumb. I love my MC 45. I love my mono 50 with strap too! dont get a 55, they are TOO Big lol!
  9. 55 is very big! It's perfect for a weekend getaway though, but NOT NOT NOT for everyday stuff it all kind of bag.