Keepall 50 or MC Keepall


which one MC keepall or monorgram keepall 50

  1. MC keepall

  2. Monogram keepall 50

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  1. I am tied once again between these two beautiful bags I have vintage keepall without the strap but looking to upgrade to the MC Black or the Monorgram Keepall and even the Damier looks nice but does anyone have pics of their MC keepall.

  2. Do you prefer a strap or not?
  3. I don't have a Keepall yet but when I get one a strap is mandatory....
  4. GET THE MULTICOLOR KEEPALL!!! ITS AMAZING I WANT THE WHITE ONE TO MATCH MINE! SO WORTH THE $! sorry for the caps but I got excited! the MC keepall is my FAVORITE!

  5. I love Urs MATT its so f-ing hott have u used it alot
  6. I have only used it once sadly! Honestly the best time of my life lol! The compliments never ended and when I bought it, they never ended because people were literally stopping me to ask me what was inside my huge lv shopping bag! I HIGHLY recommend this bag, it can be seen from a mile away, it is so FLASHY!
  7. it looks great my mom got the speedy and i like it but wow this one is just amazin its a must have idk about the white though cuz i dont own any white mc but the black is deff my choice
  8. I own little white MC but black is my Favorite, I want the white one still
  9. I'd say go with a black MC Keepall... :biggrin:
  10. Matt's MC Keepall is awesome. I love the black but I bet a white would look stunning.

    Get the MC Keepall.

    Matt do you have any pictures of you holding it?
  11. I love the white MC keepall. I vote for that one!
  12. white is nice but black go with more of of what i wear
  13. MC keepall! I'm hoping that either that or a pegasé will be my next LV purchase, and it's really a hard desicion, because the pegasé (or any keepall with a shoulder strap) is the practical alternative, but the MC keepall is soooo hot!
  14. I like the black MC keepall. Don't see too many of those around!
  15. i vote for the black MC.