Keepall 45's - Practical?

  1. So I desperately want a Keepall 45 Cerises or a Monogram Canvas.

    How practical is it? How much does it fit? I want to use it for toting around spare clothes, etc etc other crap in my car that I don't want floating around in my purse-babies.

    Is there a market for these out there? Are they even practical for my stated purpose?
  2. I have the 45 in monogram.I love it.It is my carry on bag.It holds alot.Change of clothes,toiletries,book.water bottle.
  3. yeah I had one in epi and it was the best thing...sadly I wanted it as a luggage bag so I traded it in for a 55 in Mono and pochette...

    I think it'll be great as an extra clothes carrier...

    hope that helps..
  4. If you can, get the Keepall 45 w/strap...It's true it does hold a lod but can get really heavy. Something to consider if used as a carry-on.
  5. Yippie !! I love Mr. West too !! :amuse:

    I love the college dropout bear, so cute !
  6. i love the keepall 45's! perfect size for that weekend trip.

    if i had the money, i'd two of each color.. 2 monogram, 2 white mc, 2 myrtille epi, 2 black epi, 2 mocha epi, 2 mandarin epi... and 2 taiga, 2 utah! lol.
  7. The 45 Is A Great Size!
  8. It looks like a great size. Was it made in cerises?
  9. yes. =]

    it's the smallest keepall, so they make it in every LE line except the MC eye love stuff.. they had their own luggage.. and CB... though a CB Keepall woulda been TDF! gah.
  10. Oh I want a Cerises or MC Keepall in the 45 or 50 (no cerises in the 50)

    BAH! to be a broke student. ;)
  11. MC keepall in the 50 doesn't exist either.
  12. I would LOVE a keepall 45 for luggage (carry on of course, I would never check anything LV, or designer for that matter!)
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