Keepall 45

  1. Just wondering if any of you lovely ladies have a keepall 45 and if so could you post some pictures of you carrying it?

    I am interested in the 45 for an overnight bag and am wondering what the size looks like.

    Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. i am interested in seeing it on someone too:P
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  4. hey kimm, let me go through some threads and try to find you a pic. just give me 5 mins, im also outlining the fall of the roman empire for a paper. :sigh:
  5. Thanks Sophia....I tried doing a forum search but could not find pictures anywhere!! Maybe you know where to find them better than I do!!

    I appreciate your help!!
  6. Bonjour, I use a KEEPALL 45 as a gym bag. It can carry a lot. I've put a large Purseket inside for little things. For information : I'm 5,7 and 130 pounds.



  7. [​IMG]

    Here's my vintage Keepall from the eighties. In this pic, I am standing on a chair and am five feet tall!
  8. I really need to get this bag!!! Thanks for the pics!!!
  9. Hi, I am a novice about Vuitton products also. Could someone post more pictures of what the Keepall 45 looks like when carried? Does it make a good day bag? I can only see two pictures. Thanks very much. I am truly interested in this bag!
  10. it's not really a day bag.. it's actually luggage.. if you want something of that size or similar.. the speedy 40 should be enough but that thing is ginormous as it is..