Keepall 45

  1. Can this one come with a strap? Is the strapped model discontinued?

    Does the airport allow this size as a carry-on?
  2. You can get it with or without the shoulder strap. The one with the strap has vachetta strips along both sides with a ring for attaching the strap. The one without doesn't have anything on the sides, just the handles. Both come with a handle loop for holding the handles together.

    No, the strap model is not discontinued.

    Yes, it meets the maximum carry-on restrictions.

    I just bought one and it will arrive by Friday!
  3. I have the 45 and love it.I have the one with strap but never use the strap.I just like having the option to use a strap if I need it.Honestly the strap messes up my clothes when the bag is packed and heavy.
  4. mgatlin & addictedtolv where did you purchase yours?
  5. I Have a Keepall 55 with strap, but I never attatch it.

    I opted for the 55 vs the 45 because the 55 is technically the maximum sized Keepall you can carry on.
  6. E-luxury
  7. The reason I bought the 45 versus the larger Keepalls is b/c I am only five-feet tall! Anything bigger would be too big on my frame and I would feel like I am lugging a huge suitcase around. Also would probably be too heavy for me to use as a carry-on.
  8. I want a keepall now so bad! But I'd want the Tobago, Epi, Damier, and disc. mini mono initials before I'd get the mono canvas.
  9. If you're concerned about the size, maybe a trip to the store would help. It's definitely good to see the bag on you. If you don't have a store close by, maybe sporting a duffle bag for size comparison would help.