Keepall 45 question......

Jul 31, 2007
So Im thinking of getting the Keepall 45 for my husband so we can match. :upsidedown: The SA the 45 would be the largest I'd want to go for a carry-on. Could anyone confirm this?

The other question is....why is the keepall WITH straps so much more than the keepall w/out straps? A good couple hundred $$ more. I can't access the elux now, but I know the difference is more than $300. Just curious. :confused1:

For practicality, I will have to get the one WITH straps b/c I don't want my husband to be forced to ony carry it by hand. but geez. Its just a strap!!! :P
Jul 31, 2007
I think I was incorrect, it is the 50 I am considering. Forgot b/c it was two weeks ago when I was looking at the keepalls.

The retail$ with straps was approx. $1100ish.


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Aug 6, 2006
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Label addict - I'm sure you are right - I had my 50 on a trip to Hawaii last month and that was the largest size they allowed, and that isnt even international for me. To be on the safe side I bought the 50 so that it could always be carried on - I was paranoid if I bought the 55 it would be checked on full US flights.


Oct 21, 2007
The size depends on the airline. Hawaiian Airlines will permit up to a 50. If you go with anything bigger, you risk having to check it in. Also, watch out for commuter flights. Any Keepall will have to be 'checked in' on American Eagle.


Jan 21, 2007
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Well 50 is commonly the max size for airline carry on, but I got told that a 55 should be fine as long as its not stuffed full. I think it depends on how 'stuffed' your bag is whether they let you carry on or not, because there is only a slight size difference between the 50 and 55. :biggrin:


Sep 15, 2005
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I've toted on a 60 before with no trouble and DH has also. I think it just depends on how close they are watching you.
The keepall 45 I have is basically too small to even be useful around my house even as a gym bag. It never gets used.

BUT a LV keepall is a terrible investment without a strap. They are terribly uncomfortable to tote in hand. Splurge- get a bandouliere- you'll regret it if you don't later.
I have a cerises and multicolore keepall- both NEVER used because they have no strap. Not to mention the small size. I wish they made LE keepalls WITH straps and BIGGER! Sorry for hijacking your thread for a

Oh and I've heard that 55 is the largest you can carry on also. DEFINITELY never heard a 45 being biggest.
Jul 31, 2007
Thanks for all your input. I definitely do not want the 45 or the 55. Im going with the 50. And the price diff. w/the strap is only $235 more, not $300+ like I originally said.

I have a Pegasse rolling suitcase and a Douville. Now all I need is that Keepall.


Mar 18, 2006
^Good choice- the 45 is too small for any man of sizable stature IMO. I held the 50 recently and thought it bordered on being almost too small (I'm 6' for reference). But on a side note, I've taken my Burberry duffle that's equivalent to the size of a 60 on many flights and have never had an issue.
Jul 31, 2007
wow, 6ft? yeah, a 50 would probably be small for you.

I just have to be on the safe side. Otherwise...I can read the headlines now..."Woman detained at LAX airport this morning. Became irate and verbally abused flight attendant. Woman refused to check in her LV luggage".....LOL.

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Oct 30, 2006
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I have just bought the 50 and think the size is perfect. I checked a number of airline websites to check the size and this was the maximum to which of them would allow...although i think there was only one that wouldnt allow the 55. To be honest, i think the straps are pretty pointless, i tried both and decided i would never use it anyways.