Keepall 45 or sac Evasion ?

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  1. Bonjour, I like those 2 bags but I don't know which one to buy (I could use them as gym bag but for travel too).


  2. I think the Evasion is more original (is that a French Co pic?) but the speedy will def carry more.
  3. I picked up the Evasion picture from a japan store reseller (Rakuten). It's a "made in France". We don't see a lot of Evasion either in France.
  4. I just got the Keepall 45... the Evasion has a place at the bottom for gym shoes, no?
  5. i've never seen the Evasion. i'd go with that over the keepall. the keepall is really nice, but very common.
  6. Yes, there is a place at the bottom for gym shoes or other ones.
  7. Then that may be your best bet for a gym bag. Plus its shape may help it fit inside a gym locker better.

    I have to give all the people credit that use their LV as gym bags. I would be totally terrified that someone would break into my locker and steal my bag while I was working out. :shocked:
  8. I like the keepall.
  9. I prefere the evasion, can be get via special order only
  10. I like the evasion because it's more retangular and the bottom is good for shoes.

    The sides of the keep all sag. Sometimes if you put something heavy in the bag, all the things end up on one side and that side looks weired.
  11. the keepall is a HUGE symbol and ultimate classical LV, think about your personal style! this helps me pick my bags and it usually works well, in this case think of your personality and personal style are you more a simplistic classic parisian fashion (keepall) or are you classical with a contermorary theme to give a different persepective (evasion) so ask your self and try them on instore see which looks best on you and which you are more comefortable with after all it is yuor bag and they arent cheap.
    p.s. this method made me pick between the carrall and keepall i chosse the carryall in the end becuase i am classical with a modern edge which is basically the carryall its the keepall that has been reinvented wiht a modern influence
  12. i too was in a bit of a dilemma deciding between the Evasion and a Keepall a while ago. i really like the shape and style of the Evasion. it's not as common as the Keepall duffle, plus the separate shoe compartment was a huge plus. but i ended up getting a Keepall 50 instead because, besides the cheaper pricetag :shame: it also has the convenience of a removable shoulderstrap.
  13. I vote for the evasion :smile: