Keepall 45 in Damier - SO possible?

  1. Well, i'm not sure if it's available, and if it's not, is a special order available :smile:
    Plus, get with strap or not, advice please :smile:
  2. Hmmm, you might want to call 866.VUITTON and ask. I don't see why they couldn't do that...good luck!
  3. I emailed LV about this and they said it wasn't possible right now....
  4. My friend actually tried to have this done recently, but they wouldn't do it for her.:sad:
  5. Typical, Bummer.
    I wish I could warm up to the Monogram line, but as a guy, I personally think flowers don't suit me :smile:
  6. aww, sorry to hear this.
  7. Yeah, it's not possible yet. It hasn't been out for two years yet.
  8. What hasn't been out for two years :smile:?
  9. The Damier Keepall hasn't been out for two years. It was released in Spring of 2006 and won't be available for SO'ing until possibly late Spring of 2008?
  10. Ahh thanks for that - raghhhh
    any other reccomendations for like a gym bag instead of neverfull 45 :smile:?
  11. ^^^ Carryall, Damier Geant Souverain, Damier Geant Belier, Damier Geant Albatros.
  12. Another vote for Albatros. I have one and sometimes I use it for gym too. It has this sporty look so it's perfect.
    And plus, I get so many stares with it. hahaha..
  13. I like the look of Carryall.. It looks nice on a guy..
  14. that means we cant SO speedy 40 or carryall in Damier Azur or am i wrong ?
  15. No because Damier Azur hasn't been out for two years.