Keepall 45...i'm waitlisted! want to buy it 99%...BUT...1% is...

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  1. the 1% is...

    the leather...

    (monogram keepall 45)

    i don't know...

    i'm not going to use it 100% for 5...10 months...because i want to patina it!!!

    i have not sweat sweat sweat-ing hands...

    but...sweat-ing hands...

    and my hands are dry when i'm normal...

    but when i go to pick up my phone or...something i LVOE!!! hands go wet!

    :crybaby:i looove patinas...and i love when the leather on monogram items go

    dark and dark and dark!!! the darker the more i love?;

    if the handles go black!!! and the other parts are brown patina...

    i'll :crybaby:

    now i'm thinking...

    should i buy it...?

    i've seen black handles i don't know...

    or...maybe i can use it use it use it...and replace the handles only?

    how much is it to replace just the handles?...

    :crybaby:i don't knowww...the 1%...:crybaby:

  2. If you love it so much, buy it! ^^....I am also scared of getting dark handle so i always buy damier canvas and the keepall that i have is damier keepall 50
  3. u can always apply a coat of leather care products to even out the patina and make the vachetta waterproof...
  4. Youll always get to use the keepall. It's one of the most useful bags out there. The size and shape is perfect for so many things. I'm sure you'll love it.
  5. Get the Keepall! It's a classic and useful bag. You might try some leather conditioner to accelerate the patina process, or baby wipes to even it out if the handles get dirty. On any bag, I think that the handles will be at least a little darker than piping or trim just because they get used so much more. Buy your bag and enjoy it- don't worry too much!
  6. oh just get it
  7. Haven't you already asked this question several times? You have to make up your mind yourself, we can't do it for you. You know that the vachetta will patina, it is up to you whether you can live with that or not.
  8. GET IT...:yes:
  9. I had the same thought going through my head! just use a leather protector (apple gaurd,kiwi,tana ect.) I'm gonna use my keepall for the first time (like... actually using it as luggage) this weekend=D
  10. You're waitlisted for a mono Keepall, eh? Must have a pretty sparse stock there in Sydney.

    I'd go for it- the vachetta is what makes the bag IMO.
  11. simple. GET it.
  12. Can someone explain all this jargon to an LV newbie? What are patina and vachetta? TIA!
  13. Just get it!
  14. I use my cerise alot...and it still looks great after 3 years. The vachetta on my mono one, which is over 20 years old isn't even black...and that thing was used and abused through my high school years...and now my son.

    If you still are worried go for damier instead.

    lol buying it using it. the handles can be replaced in the future! hehehe