Keepall 45 as a manbag?

  1. I've heard several guys saying that they use their keepall 45 as a manbag. I've actually never seen the 45 in person, but it can't be that much small than the 55 which my grandma has. I'm just thinking... what in the world do you put in it to fill it up? I was actually contemplating getting something like that for school, or the carryall, but both of these are a bit big for just school things. So yea- what do you fill it with?
  2. I would personally NOT use a Keepall 45 as a manbag. It seems too huge to carry around everywhere for your everyday basic needs... :s
  3. i actually saw a guy toteing one when i got my mage last week and it looked kind of odd to me in a funny way i gues the keepall was meant to be used as luggage but some ppl might go for it since its big and affordable...
    and it was seriously sagging...
  4. the 45 is big, it looks like luggage, not everyday bag. carryall is smaller, but still too big for a man bag.
  5. I thought it was a little big too-I've never seen it on a guy in person though. If I were to get it, I would only be putting a binder or two and 2 books in it max. It would probably look weird, but I dont know.
  6. 45 is too big for an every day bag -- funny in that I think its too small for a weekend bag and too big for a daily bag!

  7. I don't think the carryall is too big for a man bag at all. I use my Tobago one all the time. I carry it atleast 3 days a week. I also carry my Bastille at the same time. If anything, the carryall is sometimes too small.
  8. I know about people who uses the 45 as a man bag, but personally I think it looks really weird. Personally, I'd rather look into the speedy 40 or something, because there's something that just doesn't look "right" about using luggage as an everyday bag.
  9. i saw a guy at the airport with a 50 bandouliere not exactly a 45 hot....:drool:

    but I do agree that the 45 is a lil too big for an everyday bag...
  10. :angel: I'm kind of curious what you're carrying to need a 45. :sneaky:
  11. Me too! I was just going to carry a couple of notebooks and some books, but the Keepall is quite large!
  12. I use my keepall 45 as a gym bag most days or when I go to the pool. So can fit in a change of clothes and a towel. Doesn't look too bulky either, although I mainly carry it without the strap.
  13. My SA uses the Speedy 40 as a carry-on when she goes on trips, but the Speedy 40 could probably work as an everyday "manbag".
  14. I actually REALLY love the Carryall as a man bag!! I got the Carryall in Mono (not the biggest fan of mono here) and now I carry it a lot simply because it's just so well designed! The outside patch pockets and the inner pockets make things so assessable and the roomy inner compartment is great.

    But I am 6'2", so maybe that's why it looks like an okay size on me. :smile:
  15. The Keepall is much too large for a man bag. You'll look like a weird tourist wherever you go! Get a large messenger instead, the Broadway is huge!