Keepall 45 and stained vachetta

  1. Bonsoir, I red a lot of threads about the Apple Care line to help when vachetta is dark or stained. Here are pictures of my Keepall 45, one year old, with stains on the vachetta which is still clear and new. Which product in the Apple Care line (cleaner, conditioner... ?) can help me for that and for the white marks on the monogram canvas ? Merci.
    Photo 001.jpg
    Photo 002.jpg
  2. Those white spots are very common on Damier and Mono canvas. To remove those, I use a teeny drop of Apple Leather Cleaner (not the conditioner) and rub gently with a clean cloth - works like a charm! :yes:

    I would suggest not using the cleaner on any leather as it is very strong and can leave dark marks on vachetta. I did use it a few times on vintage bags with darker leather and it really helped but I would never use it on newer bags with light vachetta.