Keepall 45, 50 or!!

  1. I have decided to put off my purse ban and have decided I want a Keepall 50, but I can't decide though if I should get the 45 or 55 instead?

    I want a duffle that I can take with me on weekend trips, to the airport - as a carryon, don't want to check it. To me the 45 seems more like a gym bag, I really liked it though and the 50 just seemed to work perfectly....or do I go with the 55?

    I'd love to hear what made you go with the size you did - i am just talking aobut your 1st Keepall purchase, I know many of you have them in every size - what did you go with 1st and why?

    PS: what are characteristics I should look for in picking the perfect Keepall, I know many of you sit there and go through EVER SINGLE item of the LV you want looking for IMPERFECTIONS before you make your decision - please share! Thanks!!!

  2. I bought 60 and now I regret it little. It's ok for car trips but I have to be sure it's not overstuffed if I want take it on plane... Now I'm thinking about 50 in Damier. 45 may be to small for weekend bag...
  3. I have a 55 and to be honest, I find it a bit too big to be practical even though I can use it as a carry-on. The next keepall I'll get will definately be a 45 or 50.. Anyways, if you think the 45 is a bit too small, then I'd definately recommend the 50. And with a shoulder strap!
  4. i think 50 is perfect, just in between!
  5. I picked the 50. It is perfect for weekend trips and fits in an overhead compartment easily. Get it with the strap if you can so you can have the choice of whether or not to carry it hand-held/ crook of your arm, or on your shoulder.
  6. Oh, thanks so much for your feedback - I think i will definitely go with the 50! THANKS SO MUCH!!
  7. I think the 50 is perfect. I've got that in the Mono and it hold heaps but still allowed as carryon at the airport.
  8. I like the 50- plan on getting one sometime in June.
  9. 50 or 45 and with strap!

    55 is tooooooo big!!!
  10. I used to have a keepall 55 and I found it to be too big. I would recommened the 50. I compared the 45 and 50 together in the Louis Vuitton boutique once and 50 is perfect for a carryon! It's a great size.
  11. I like the 50.
  12. I agree the 50 is a great size, the 45 can be a bit small for weekender :smile:
  13. Keepall 50, it is the perfect size! Get the one without the strap, the strap is a pain, and it doesn't look as nice! I love my keepall, and I am sure you will love yours too!
  14. I HAD... had being the key word, the 45 with strap. Loved the strap but the bag was too small! The 50 seems perfect!
  15. i think a 50 would be perfect.