Keepall 45, 50 or 55 for an airplane???

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  1. Hey guys, can't find this in the threads but what is the best Keepall for overhead compartment of an airplane? Is the 55 too big? Thanks!
  2. The Keepall 55 fits just perfectly! It is two inches smaller than the maximum size on the airlines with the tightest restrictions. On some airlines, you may be able to carry on the 60. What you do is add the three dimensions of the bag. This is called linear inches. Check with your airline for their maximum size.
  3. i've got the 50 and i think its just the right size for me :tup:
  4. I was wondering this also . And i went personally to LV and asked my SA and she said 55 becuase its the perfect size . 60 will be too big. i mean if you dont stuff the 60 all the way it can fit , but its huge. Get the 55 thats the one im getting for my trip. good luck.
  5. I have the keepall 55 w/out the strap and it fits perfectly fine in the overhead compartment. With that being said... it is a hassle carrying the bag around the airport since there's no strap...if I had the chance to do it over again and buy another keepall, I'd definitely pick either the 45 w/out the strap or the 50 with a strap. Goodluck with your choice.
  6. all these sizes can fit in the plane overhead compartment !
  7. What is the largest size Keepall that fits into overhead? I need it for about 5 days of clothing, etc. Does anyone know if the Carryall holds alot without having to moosh it all in?

    Thanks much!!!
  8. I think the 55 is the biggest one you can carry on. It fits a lot of stuff IMO.
  9. I have carried on my 60, but it wasn't stuffed full...
  10. I have taken on two 45's without a problem.
  11. carryall would be abit small 40 cm ? think keepall 45 will do :tup:
  12. Largest Keepall to carry on? I do know the largest Keepall is a 60, and the largest Keepall Bandoulière is also 60.
  13. i have 60 but everyone says it's too big (i'm 157cm 40kg)
  14. What should I do? I was thinking on purchasing a keepall 50 after all of your comments about the keepall, but found out that the tour operator that I go on my summer holidays with only allow dimentions which allows for the keepall 45

    Is the keepall 45 worth getting for travelling then? Or should I just cut my losses and purchase the 50 for other flights/road trips etc and use another bag for carry on at the summer?

    All keepall 45 owners? What exactly can you fit in these bags?


  15. Anybody? I really need help and was looking to purchase from today! x