Keepal/carry-on max size help

  1. Hi! does anyone know which size of the Keepal is standard to carry on the plane without having anyone hassel me about its size/length? THanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. I think the 50 is the biggest at umm.. 20 inches.
  3. Most airlines' limit is 45 linear inches (length + width + heigth), so you could use a 55 or smaller, although people have gotten away with 60's before. I personally prefer the 45 or 50 because I like to smush them under the seat in front of me.
  4. The 55 is the largest allowable carry-on on most US carrier. I have never been harrassed with my 55 with straps except for 1 time on Air Canada and once they measured it, it was not a problem. :noworry:
  5. I think 50 to be safe..but I saw people with 55 got by without a problem.
  6. 55! It's the one I want... there is no way I'm checking in a LV. lol
  7. Depends on the airlines, i.e. quoted from Continental's website

  8. I've carried on my 55.
  9. All airlines are different - check their websites to be sure, especially if you are planning to travel out of country.
  10. Wow, Continental is pretty generous ( a 40 lbs. carryon must be filled with bricks! LOL) I took the 45 from American, and Alaska is reallt strict- they make you "ala cart" bigger bags (over 18") on shorter flights. :shocked:
  11. I asked my LV SA and he said 55, and I've had no problem travelling with 55 (altough I've only done it once). I think elux also states that the 55 is the biggest carry-on size, but if you're insecure, go with the 45 or 50. I've discovered that I didn't really need a 55 for my trips (weekend trips - I'm only away a day or two), so I'm saving up for a 45.