1. I only have one LV -- and that's the papillon in monogram. Which should I get next? Should I get in in mongram as well?

    What's a GREAT deal in either one? Thanks experts!
  2. I think you would be able to have more use out of the Speedy than the Keepall..the Keepall would be nice to travel with, but it's too much for everyday use..

  3. ITA..definitely go for the Speedy.
    Save buying the Keepall for when you'll be traveling :yes:
  4. I agree... go for speedy.
  5. See I am the opposite - I say go for the Keepall. That way you have the good basis of a purse and one piece of luggage. Then you can begin to branch out from there.
  6. Speedy!!
  7. It depends on what you need the bag for.. If you know you're gonna travel a lot in the near future, go for the keepall, if you want a bag to wear everyday, go for the speedy. good luck making your desicion :flowers:
  8. :yes:
  9. I would say go with the speedy 30 if you are looking for an everyday bag. The keepall 45 is def a travel, if you do lots of traveling (say for work or whatever) then I would get the 45--but this is def too big to use as an everyday bag.
  10. I am in the same I want a Speedy or a Keepall - I have decided to go with the Keepall, since I love my BH so much - it's only 4 mos. old, I can always buy a Speedy at a later time - time to invest in a Keepall, I love it but have decided to go with the 50 instead of the 45 -45 seemed more like a gym bag to me!!
  11. Speedy 30 (please dont double post)
  12. Speedy 30!!
  13. Alrighties. I've decided. I think I'm going to go for the speedy 30 in either damier canvas or epi red. Thank you all for your inputs!!!
  14. You will get much more use out of the Speedy, you can use it everyday not just when travelling or going to the gym!