Keepal 45 ,50 or 55

  1. hi everybody, i'm french and it's my first post here, i want to buy a keepal to travel and to use it like a weekend or shopping bag and i don't know what size i must buy so i wait your opinion :smile:
  2. The Keepalls are more like travel duffle bags, some come with straps, some just are hand-held....If you are interested in a shopping bag style, you may want to look at the Neverfull or the Hampstead.
  3. I think it's stange to wear Neverfull or Hampstead for a man :s
  4. Sorry,
    I'd have NO WAY of knowing your gender!
  5. I had a 45 which I found very easy to use and store on in plane overhead compartments. (I sold it on eBay, because I was very nervous of the attention I was getting and didn't want it stolen. But it was great as a weekend and great to use for train travel and a smaller bag will lighter to carry, because you can't take the world with you. There were some people who would use this as a gym bag, I wouldn't, but chacun a son gout. Good luck.
  6. No problem ;) so you think a keepal is a bad idea for a man shopping bag's
  7. Oh ok so let's go to a keepal 45 thanks