Keep your fingers crossed for us!

  1. Hi ladies and gents, I posted awhile back about how my boyfriend and I currently have a long distance relationship and how he's trying to get a job in my area. He just graduated from law school and had a job offer in my town, then the offer was withdrawn because the firm ran into financial troubles. So he has been unemployed and almost 200 miles away, it's been so upsetting, and we didn't think he'd find another job in this area (I live in a mid-size college town). WELL, he DID find another opening in this area, and for his dream job! He had an interview for the position last week, a second interview this week (he's driving back and forth 200 miles to go to each one), and he finds out TOMORROW whether he gets the job!

    Please send any good luck, karma, prayer you can spare our way! My poor boyfriend is running himself ragged to get it, and it sounds promising, but I don't know what we'll do if he doesn't. He's broke and has student loans coming due soon, he'll just have to take the first job he can find, maybe not close to me! I'll check back tomorrow with you guys!
  2. Good positive thought to both of you..
  3. ^^Aww vanojr! I'll keep my fingers crossed and my mind on you both! You're such a sweet person and hopefully you can cash in some of your karma for this!
  4. I hope he gets it!!!
  5. ^^ me too.. goodluck!!
  6. Oh wow, vanojr9, you know my best thoughts are with you and your boyfriend! I definitely have my fingers crossed for the two of you. Gosh, I hope it works out!!!! Do let us know -- I hope you will not be disappointed! Sending karma your way...
  7. Here's praying that he gets it! let us know when you find out!
  8. Sending positive thoughts your way!
  9. I understand this kind of stress...My fingers are crossed for you both!
  10. good luck..i really hope he gets it!
  11. good luck girl...
  12. Good luck, sending good thoughts your way.
  13. :yes: I echo that.
  14. Send good luck karma from the UK - really hope he gets it:yes:
  15. Wish you both all the luck!