Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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  1. I live in Ohio and we are in the middle of a pretty major snow storm (by Ohio standards!). I work in the schools and was lucky to have a snow day today.

    My husband and I decided to do an early (I am 17 weeks 2 days) gender determination ultrasound. This is a separate appt from the anatomy scan but we want to find out early as my anatomy scan won't be until 21 weeks and we have family coming up soon-- my mom lives out of town and we want to start baby shopping.
    I am so nervous and excited. Our first ultrasound was at 6 weeks so we really haven't seen anything with a human like shape.
    I feel like seeing the baby is going to make it so real!!! It's hard to believe there is a little one growing inside me! We don't have a preference on gender- either way the baby will be so special!

    So ladies, keep your fingers crossed for me! Hopefully the roads will stay clear and the baby will give us a good view!! :yahoo:
  2. good luck...we have some of that snow here too..
  3. Good luck!
  4. Good luck to you! We'd love to see pics too!!
  5. good luck! it's so exciting to see the baby and especially if you can find out the gender!!
  6. I hope everything went OK and you got to your appt and back safe. Could you post to let us know that you're all right?
  7. I hope everything went well for you. So.... boy or girl? :thinking:
  8. Good luck! You must be so excited!
  9. We all have our fingers crossed!
  10. Good luck!!!!
  11. how exciting- how did it go?
  12. thats so exciting!! I am 15 weeks today and so anxious to find out. What is the earliest you can usually tell?:woohoo:
  13. :yahoo::cloud9: