Keep your eyes peeled

  1. Hey all,

    Just asking that anyone who comes across a vernis indigo cles keeps me in mind. I know my best bets are LT and eBay but I know everyone here is constantly searching for things. If you have any other suggestions please let me know. Thanks!!!
  2. wow. i just saw one go one eBay dirt cheap too! (a misspellihng in the name)
  3. I know! I have been looking for one too! I will keep a look out for you and me aswell :yes: i did see one on eBay and i missed it! but it didn't ship to England anyway, If i had of seen this before i would have Pm'd you!! I have asked Let-trade to help me find one but that was like 2 months ago but i will deffiantly have a look for you :smile:
  4. I had been watching that one on ebay too but they didn't take paypal (they only tool money orders or cashier's checks) so I didn't bother.
    But I'll keep my eye out for you!
  5. I also will keep my eyes peeled as I am on ebay and let-trade too much "looking" or "browsing" as my DH calls it!