Keep White Compact Curieuse Wallet Or Exchange

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  1. Hi Guys on fri I got the white compact curieuse wallet to beat the price increase. I now know that the black and amethyst are out now. If you were in my position would you keep the white or go for one of the other colors? I have the Celeste emp speedy b and a black mahina l as well as a couple other bags. Also if I exchanged after the price increase would I be charged extra? Thanks!
  2. I think I would exchange for black. White purses aren't usually a good idea IMO, will get marked from money and general signs of use. Good luck:smile:
  3. Oh, and no you shouldn't be charged extra
  4. I have also been wondering if $ bills would rub off on the Emp Neige wallet of any type. I haven't been able to get any information about that yet so I have decided to hold off on a Neige Emp Wallet until I know.
  5. You might get charged since it's not the exact item. I would call today and tell them what you want to do. That way since you called before the increase they might let it slide..
    Good luck
  6. +1 definitely agree, exchange.
  7. I would exchange....I think you should be ok as but I would call and talk with your SA.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Anybody else have any thoughts?
  9. I have the white MC Sarah and have used her as my only wallet for over a year and she is as white then as she is now. But I don't rub my bills all over the canvas, and not sure why a person would?

    If you hand carry the wallet a lot, then it may get dirty, but pretty sure that is why they invented leather cleaner.. Enjoy your wallet, I bet she is stunning.
  10. Agreed! No matter how careful I am with my bags, white always makes me nervous lol.
  11. I am in love with the black :smile: I just ordered the black yesterday after my SA had sent pictures when she got them in.