Keep Wearing Pointy Toes?

  1. Hi everyone -

    Just wondering. Who else is going to keep wearing their pointy toe shoes even if the fashion mags say they're "out". I KNOW I will. I really do LOVE the look of a pointy toe peeking out from under my pant leg or making my favorite skirt or dress look just right! Now that I'm a pointy girl - I just can't go back!

  2. I may not buy anymore, but I'm going to wear the ones I already have. I'm short and pointy toe shoes make me look taller.
  3. I am!

    Pointy toes will never be "out." They are classic. Nothing better with trouser suits.
  4. Agreed! I don't think any magazine is going to declare pointy toes "out." Pointy toes are the dependable silhouette Manolo and Choo built their empires on!
  5. LOVE pointy toes! I will definatley keep wearing them. I have a long torso and shorter legs and pointy toes definatley elongate my legs.
  6. I'll keep wearing them, besides I think they look great with pants, ballet flats and rounded toe shoes just don't work as well or look as professional IMO. What I think is really out are these clunky, ugly work shoes people insist on wearing.
  7. :yes: theey have to burry me in mine that´s for sure
  8. I love pointy toes! They are so flattering!!
  9. i don't think pointy toes will go out of style either. and even if they did, i'll never stop wearing mine, especially my Manolo Mary-Janes :yes:!
  10. My pointy shoes and I will NOT go down without a fight!
  11. I'll keep wearing them too. I like pointy heels and I think they go with everything! I'll never be able to stop wearing my LV monogram pantent heels.
  12. I'll always wear mines. I also don't think they'll go 'out'.
  13. I will never stray from pointy toed shoes. They make petite women like myself seem a bit taller.
  14. I never wore them in the first place. My guy friends all call them gnome/troll shoes so that sort of killed my mild like for them.

    Besides, I wear a size 8, they look postively goofy on me.
  15. That is so true! Nothing worse than a nice dress or pantsuit ruined by an UGLY pair of shoes! Pointy toe high heel pumps or slingbacks just add that little something extra to any outfit - they really are the perfect shoe IMO