Keep Up The Momentum Lindsay, tPF Is Routing For Ya !

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Yep! She looks great! Best of luck to her!
  3. YES! but...erhm.. she looks like she could be an extra on Napoleon Dynamite. Who dresses her?
  4. i`m proud of her.
    and i WANT her glasses SO BAD...
    anyone know what brand they are?
  5. LOVE Lindsey.... always have always will!!!!
  6. She's gained a little weight, looks good.
  7. awww she's smiling... but ya i'd say please ditch the hippie chic look... its not you linds.. its just not...
  8. Good for her!
  9. Wow! She looks like my niece in that photo, even down to the hippie look. Cute!
  10. :yahoo: she is looking better and i hope she stays happy and healthy
  11. Glad to see she looks happy again. Gee, I might have to let her back into "The Redhead Club" some time soon.
  12. She definitely looks good. She looks really healthy, like the old days.
  13. wow, it is helping her! She looks healthier!
  14. looking good :smile:
  15. Good job Linds... keep it up!