Keep unused bags???

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  1. I had another question as I was cleaning out my closet a bit today.

    If you have an unused bag, how long do you keep it in your collection before you part with it?

    I have a few bags that I haven't used in a few years but I can't seem to part with them with that "I might use it again" thought. I have given a bag or two to my nieces and am thinking of doing that again...

    Ladies, how long would you keep an unused bag? Also, do you have a tendency to try to sell or donate? I have done both...

    Crazy questions today, but I guess that is what happens when one is snowed in...the mind just wanders...
  2. oh if i dont use a bag for a month or so it faces the chop normally!! im harsh though only keep the bags that either sentimental or are being used!

  3. :PId best pass on this one.............Im not even sure if I understand the questions...............

    Ells xx
  4. I always tend to sell. However I currently have 2 that I don't use that I am saving for my daughters. I have 1 other facing the chop dependent on what i have my eye on.
  5. I tend to sell whatever I don't use for the most part. However I do
    have some very special bags that I would not sell.
  6. I keep the bags I don't use often too. Part of me just cant bear to sell it away because I had a hard time trying to find them and they are special.
  7. I do sell but I am not very good at making myself do it. I am more inclined to part with bags that were real mistakes than ones that I like but just don't use much.
  8. I'm not very good at parting, I will have to be, I know.... Being boring accountant, I just calculate the possible loss (purchase price vs. sale price) after some depreciation, then tend to leave it because until you sell it the loss won't be materialised but kept as notional figure (excuse excuse!)

    But I should really think about it, due to the cupboard space!!
  9. I am not an accountant but the same applies to me.
  10. My feeling though is that even if you make a loss you can have £x and no bag or no money and a bag you don't use ( which to me is useless in itself). Also the money funds the next purchase or at least in part.
  11. I know Bluecat, it's my pathetic excuse not wanting to admit my original misjudgement!!

    I will be sensible this year - just look at current cash gain, not the historic asset.
  12. Feel a bit like a mother hen--keeping my 'family' together!! They are all such beautiful bags , just love them for what they are. However, on the money front if I have my eye on something else I may, just may , part with one that I really dont use-sell usually.
  13. I keep mine for months before selling usually, I find it hard to part with them, but If I have a *must have* new bag in mind that usually forces my hand to sell!
  14. I depends a lot between different bags for me. Some you know very fast it just was not right, obviously I sell them on quite fast. Very often to part finance new purchases. I think all of us more or less keep some bags that has a sentimental value of some kind. But also, the crowded storage space and justification of having bags that don't get used enough makes me quite easily decide of which ones that has to go. When a new bag comes in I often know right away which one will have to go. Some of the ones may not have been used for a year or so, some go quicker. It is an on going process I would say.

    Last week I rehomed my troutbag, it was so gorgeous. But to stiff and clumsy and very seldom used for the last three years, a bit sentimental but finally did it. I tell myself not to regret it too much, but I'm not over it yet !
  15. My handbag collection has a revolving door. If a bag isn't being used and hasn't been in a few months (unless it's clearly an A/W or S/S bag) then I let it go. I'd rather have the money to buy something else rather than a bag sitting in the wardrobe unused.