Keep THINKING I am pregnant..

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  1. So we have been trying for a while for number three..and every month during the tww..I swear I am pregnant..seriously..I have to go to the bathroom more..dizzy...tired..boobs hurt..and then it turns out I am not! I just needed to vent a little. I guess I have to try to forget about it..and then it will happen! I am just getting a little annoyed. Thanks for listening!
  2.'s always good to vent and this is the perfect spot to do it :yes:!
    Just remember that your symptoms of pregnancy and PMS will be almost identical because these symptoms are caused by progesterone in both cases. This is why it's almost impossible to determine whether you're pregnant without taking a test.
    Good luck with TTC!
  3. I thought I was pregnant for sure every month, except the month I finally was. Good luck!
  4. Good luck with TTC baby number 3 murrance. Sending baby dust your way. :tup:
  5. LoL me too. Babydust to everybody!!
  6. ^^^ It was really weird. I knew that my two week wait would be over around Christmas, so I packed pregnancy tests for our trip. Christmas Eve morning, I was getting my stuff ready to take to the shower (we were staying at DH's parents' house), and thought "I should probably go ahead and take the test." Pregnant. I was literally stunned. We had been trying, so it wasn't a surprise, but it was the first month I had literally NO symptoms. In fact, other than being tired and having weird stretching feelings in my abdomen, I still have no symptoms.
  7. Don't worry- the only symptom I've had the whole time so far has been fatigue which wasn't even that bad if I kept working through it.
    What a wonderful Christmas surprise!
  8. The first month I TTC, my AF was 5 days late and I was absolutely sure I was pregnant (self-imagined implantation cramps, dizziness, sore boobs) and wasted more than 10 HPTs, sometimes taking 2 a day. The month I had a BFP, I had absolutely no clue except earlier than usual sore boobs which I brushed off as PMS, so I happily treated myself to some wine 3 days in a row. When I had a very very faint BFP, I actually thought it was a false positive.
  9. We've been TTC since last month and I was sure I was pregnant. I felt sick, swollen, my boobs were really sore and I had some cramps. Now I feel the same, and I could take the test on monday, but I don't believe I'm pregnant this time. We'll see.
  10. LOL i sooooooooo understand this. it sucks!
  11. Every month my mind plays games with me and my body pretends by giving me all the signals....i think i have lost hope LOL
  12. Me too.. I am so tired of delayed AFs then testing and getting BFN! This month I won't test at all. My temp showed Im annovulatory so I guess no hope for me this month! :shrugs::crybaby:
  13. i still have sore boobs, INSANE mood swings (i just cried my eyes out while looking at my h's baby pics!), mild cramping, and fatigue. BFN and NO af.
    of course i'd love to get a bfp but i just want something to happen - i need to start fertility treatments and we can't until my cycle starts! ugh!