keep the manhattan?

  1. for the longest time, i had a crush on the manhattan gm and i finally got it form elux last week. unfortunately, it's been sitting in my closest the entire time. although i LOVE the bag, i feel it is not for me. i'm def an understated/subtle girl and this bag is a bit too bling for me. :sad:i actually called elux and setup a return but i'm having a hard time putting the bag back in the box. :sad: am i doing the right thing? should i return it? i doubt i'll use the bag often but i dont want to part with it either. :crybaby:boo.
  2. Give yourself a few more days! Maybe try on a few different outfits and see how the bag looks with them. Have a little fashion show -- that might help you make up your mind.
  3. Hmmm... when in doubt, follow your heart.

    I bought a black MC Koala bracelet, but felt it wasn't for me. So I returned it for a white MC iPod case. I felt much better afterwards. :yes:
  4. If you're having doubts, that should tell you something. Sometimes you can't know for sure you're going to like a bag until you get it home and really contemplate using it.
  5. If you don't think you will wear it then you should return it. Its like money just sitting there untouched.

    I too had to struggle with getting rid of bags that I don't use. But once I did it was ok. I didnt die like I thought i would. LOL:lol:

    On the other hand the Manhattan GM is a HOT bag. Its so beautiful and makes a huge statement. its definitly a great LV piece to own. I love mine. You don't see people carrying it all over the place like some other LV's. I love that

    Think about it for a few days and see how you feel. Just like the other PF'er said...go with your heart.

    (wouldnt hurt to model it with a few outfits too to see how u feel :P )
  6. Manhattan is not bling at all.. I think its got the perfect combo...
    so if you love the bag wear it out and you'll get use to it..
    if you keep it in the closet you'll never adapt to it!
  7. i was leaning towards returning it... but now i'm on the fence again. hehe. i guess i'll have to try on outfits and seriously rethink it again. what kind of outfits do you wear with this bag? i feel as if i have to wear very simple neutral pieces because the bag is fairly loud.
  8. If it's not "you", return it. You have to do what's right for YOU.
  9. I say give yourself a few more days to think about. Do what I do... post all over purse forum to get opinions and ask the people around you... a lot of times this will give you new ideas you did not think of. =D

    Also, consider financially if you can afford many bags or just a few. If you can have many maybe it will not bother you to keep the Manhattan around if it gives you much pleasure just seeing it sit in your room and you can use it once in awhile when you are feeling bold. If you are limited to a few bags, then it may be a better idea to get something you will actually use regularly. I have a pair of beautiful patent leather heels that I NEVER wear but it makes me happy to see them in my room daily.

    I am an subtle understated person also, and I agree that the manhattan gm is a showy bag... though not nearly as showy as some other LVs.
  10. I don't think the Manhattan GM is too bling!
    I think this bag will go with just about clothes, jeans, dresses, etc.
    Maybe think about the Manhattan PM? It's such a cute bag!
  11. If you don't LOVE it, return it. If you're not getting the use you want out of it, return it.
  12. I agree with everyone who said to give it a couple more days and try it with some different outfits. I love the Manhattan, I don't think it's too bling at all. If you don't love it though you should return it and get something that you do love and can get some use out of.
  13. I love the bag but understand.... I would go with your how you feel. You have to love it... otherwise, it just sits in your closet!
  14. I vote...return

    The first reaction is the right one to me, especially if like you said, its going against your normal style. There are alot of bags to choose from, take a longer look will find the perfect one!!:yes:
  15. You have to do what's right for you, but I don't think this bag is too bling AND it is a great bag, I've had the MJ Venetia for a few years which is essentially the same bag and I'm soooooo happy to have it, and I too didn't use it for a bit when I first got it, but once I started I just loved it! BUT at the same time, if you REALLY think you're not going to use it, it should Not be sitting in the closet, it's not worth having if you're not going to use it, unfortunately none of us can make that final decision for you.......