Keep the line or Not?


Feb 4, 2015
Hi everyone, I am handbag store owner&buyer in California. We had Marc by Marc for over 10 years and they always do well for us. Marc and Marc by Marc integrated this year. I was happy of the change at the beginning. Bags are beautiful and well made. I personally loved some of the styles like Gotham City Tote, Gotham Hobo. The lines are sleek, the looks are modern. However, they have been in store for almost two months and barely sold....If there is one issue of them, I would say they are too heavy, they looked heavy and hold like a piece of medal. I started to ask myself if it is a line worth to keep...How are your thoughts? I don't know if it is just my customers, most of them are 40+; or how do you think of the brand and its new look? Appreciate any of your thoughts!


Trying to be good
Apr 12, 2008
I still like them, but as I notice myself, I tend to shy away from a heavier bag as I'm getting older. I carry my MBMJ Totally turn lock Teri today but as s tote. Not a hobo or shoulder bags it's designed to be. I still love my bag and everything. But I can't put it on my shoulder anymore. I still have Stella from his MJ line and wouldn't let it go, too. But yeah... It's getting heavy.

Just FYI. You may have to think hard. :smile: