Keep the Khaki Bubble Quilt Bowler or the N/S Modern chain?


keep the bubble quilt bowler or the N/S Modern chain tote?

  1. 1. Fall 07' Khanki Bubble Quilt bowler

  2. 2. Summer 07' Brown Caviar N/S Modern Chain tote

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  1. Hi ladies, I need your help please! I have got to pair down my bags, i went nuts last summer/fall....I have a gigantic tax bill due so which bag should I keep? One of them has GOT TO GO!
    1) Fall 07' Khaki Bubble quilt Bowler
    2) Summer 07' N/S Modern Chain tote in Brown w/dark silver hardware

    I am leaning towards keeping the Bubble quilt since it is more rare and I have lots of shoulder bags already! But really appreciate your help! :confused1::confused1::confused1: TIA!
  2. Keep the BUBBLE!
    I love that bag - its just stunning! Love the way it feels too.
    The modern chain is too heavy and I'm starting to see fakes of that style around So Cal.
  3. O-M-G fakes of the modern chain already :wtf: God I hate fakes! thanks for your "vote"!
  4. bumping up, I need help deciding please!!!
  5. i would say keep the bubble please... but i'm not really into the bowler, i prefer the flap one :p
  6. I voted for the Khaki Bubble Quilt Bowler. I love the style, color, and the leather of this bag. I'm personally not a big fan of the Modern Chain line. I prefer the Bubble Quilt line.
  7. Could you post a pix of each next to each other?

    That makes deciding easier.

  8. The Bubble is beautiful but overly delicate... I love the MC, it is heavier but more durable.... though choice, very different bags. Yes, modeling pics please it might be helpful to see them on you.
  9. I voted for the Bubble Quilt bag. LOVE THIS BAG, esp. in the green and khaki colors! It will be rare to find this one again if you sell it.
  10. I voted for the MC... durable & it will last years to come... :yes:
  11. I don't have either but would buy a MC before a bubble flap and sell my MC before I sold my bubble if I had them both. Makes very little sense, I know. :p I think the bubble flap is a unique classic that may or may not be worth the money, but if I got it I sure wouldn't let it go!
  12. I am so under the weather today, I have been lounging on the sofa all afternoon with the dogs and am far too scruffy and covered in dog hair :yucky:(from snuggling) to show you a pic of myself...but i can snap pics of the bags...and post ina little bit....
  13. ok, here are pics of both bags, which one do I keep? :shrugs: TIA!
    IMG_0004.JPG IMG_0008.JPG
  14. So at first I was going to vote to keep the bubble quilt because it is newer a more rare, but after seeing the pics, your brown leather MC tote is BEAUTIFUL! The color is so supple looking, please keep the tote!
  15. I think you should keep the bubble quilt. DEF. It's stellar.