Keep the Choco Paddy or....

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  1. ...sell it and get a City in origan?????
  2. Wow...I would say keep the choco paddy and get a b-bag in F06.
  3. If you don't have a Bbag then go for it. The choco paddy is gorgeous.
  4. I don't have a Bbag, and really like the origan color. If I wait till May, I can get one without selling the Paddy, but I'm afraid that color will be gone by then. But maybe I just need to be patient and wait for F06 as SoCal suggested. Are they really changing the leather for that season, or is that just a rumor?
  5. How often do you use the choco paddy? If you think you'll get more use out of the B-bag, then sell the paddy. I was in this same situation, I thought about selling my whiskey paddy for a white City, but I'm pretty sure I've decided to keep it for now. But, if there is another color that you'll possibly like out of the F/W bags '06 bags, maybe it would be better to wait.
  6. I think if you were to choos a Bbag you would love it. I say go for a new and really fun, Bbag!!
  7. I love the chocolate paddy...keep it!!! But let us know what you do :smile:
  8. do not sell your choco paddy. I went in to the city today and I saw every kind of bag except a paddy. I saw B bags, LV chanel, coach of course, and everyone stared at my choco paddy. wait till may and then you can have them both.
  9. in my opinion, Definately keep the choco paddy. Paddy's are hard to come by in general, i think b bags are easier to get a hold of. Keep the paddy and purchase the b-bag. Youll feel guilty... but its worth it!!!!!!!!
  10. i'd say keep the paddy, and wait until may. i'm sure there are going to be other b bags if not the one you want.
  11. keep the paddy and wait until you can have both otherwise you might regret it.
    It's funny here in Germany it's vice versa: Paddies are easy to get but b-bags aren't much around.
  12. I vote to keep the Paddy, too. Phoebe Philo retired/is retiring...who knows if they will be around after this year??? And chocolate is an all seasons color.
  13. OK, I'm keeping Paddy. :amuse:

    I was thinking about it last night and decided that if I'm meant to have that origan City, it will still be available somewhere in May. If not, there will be another color at some point I'm really going to want (maybe that vivid red for F06?)
  14. i agree. i absolutely love my choco paddy and always get comliments on it. i use it soooo much.
  15. ditto. keep the paddy. the choco is such a great color! the origan will still be around in may. It's not zooming off the shelves.

    PS. The red is great.:nuts: :love:

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