Keep the bag I love or file a claim: what would you do?

  1. Last week I purchased a bag on the 'Bay from a new seller (10 FB only as a buyer). It is authentic and was a very good deal, and I love the style to pieces. The pics weren't good, but the description title said it was in "MINT condition," and the subtitle said "barely used." The seller also had a 7-day return policy. I of course pay with Paypal and CC, just in case.

    I get the bag soon after and it's definitely NOT in the condition stated-- there are surface scratches, and the inside suede lining has pen marks all over it. But the main thing that bothered me was the hardware on the exterior-- it's come off the handles where it's supposed to be and is just hanging. I searched the forum and read about others having problems with this style, and getting it fixed by the manufacturer. So it can be repaired.

    I took tons of pics for documentation, and emailed the seller that I wasn't happy with the condition and wanted to return. I get a response:
    It doesnt say that the condition is "mint," but that it was worn for one season, which is the fact. I do not take back the bag. [/FONT]

    Ha! :p I respond: [FONT=arial,sans-serif]"First of all, you have a return policy on your auction (7 days). Second of all, please see the title of your auction: xxxxxx 'MINT' (in all capitals) condition. If I need to escalate this to a Paypal claim through eBay and my Credit Card company I will, I just thought you would honor your return policy without a problem. If I don't hear back from you today I'll just assume I need to begin the chargeback process. Thanks."

    That was yesterday and I've not heard anything back. I decided in the meantime to condition the bag and see about the surface scratches, which look much better now. There's still the hardware I'd need to get fixed. The delimma is that I do love the bag and it's repairable and I got a super-duper deal; but I think I am totally justified if I just want to say "forget it" and start the claim process. I'm just wondering what will be better in the long run. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Any advice??

    ETA: The seller already left me postive feedback, btw :shrugs:
  2. if it is really a great deal and you can repair it to the state where you will be totally happy with the bag, i would advise you to keep it - is it a rare bag to pop on eBay as well?

    I would still try and teach the seller a lesson, maybe ask for a partial refund?
  3. Let's a great deal...bag is repairable...seller left positive feedback but bag def SNAD. I would keep it and leave seller appropriate feedback if of course, after repairs, the price is still considered a steal.
  4. The thing that bothers me the most is that the auction stated that it was in MINT condition (which it was clearly not), and that the buyer would accept returns within 7 days (which she did not). That's clearly SNAD and not honoring your auction. I just hate the fact that the seller was DISHONEST! That just kills it for me and if it were me, I would start the claim process and leave a negative feedback. Afterall eBay was built on the trust system and this is clearly a violation of the trust system.
  5. If you love the bag I would keep the bag. I would ask seller for a partial refund (the fees you determine would cost to repair the bag). If the seller offers you partial refund that you agreeded upon I would the appropriate feedback. However if the Seller does not refund you anything I would leave neautral/negative feedback stating that condition of the bag was not MINT as described.
  6. Great suggestions guys! Handbag-ho you totally hit the nail on the head as to why this situation bothered me. I am going to email the seller now about partially refunding for repair. I think that would make me feel better.
  7. Good Idea. I had a seller do a partial refund for me on a used Valentino bag that I loved, but the handle broke after the first time I used it. I guess it's all about how much you want the bag. I find most used items on e-bay are more "used" than described.
    I have really stopped buying much on ebay.
  8. It seems like a lot of sellers respond to requests for partial refund as if they are a kind of scam, as if the buyer is just trying to get a better deal after the fact. But I think in this case it's really clear - the seller said mint, it's demonstrably not true, and there will be a repair fee to bring the bag to the condition it was described as. And really, before she claims she never said something, she should re-read her own auction!
  9. wow this happened to me not too long ago too! The seller sold me a bag with blue marks all over it! (looks like from denim). When I emailed her about it...she simply calimed that it was impossible because the handbag was in brand new condition when she sent it! so then I sent her like 3 emails that day, and no response so then I freaked out and filed a claim with paypal and ebay.Neither of us have left feedback for each other yet! I got my bag for a fairy good deal too and i'm torn about the situation. I comtemplated the whole partial refund thing...but for me, I simply cannot accept the condtion for brand new. The bag in the picture looks perfect! So something must have happened to the bag after she took the pictures. There are blue marks everywhere! Some are really obvious! And I really don't know if you can get rid of blue marks on a white lambskin leather handbag! Well paypal told me that they are "looking over" the case and that they will get back to us! supposedly the case gets solved in 30 days, this is so unfair to those of us who are actually HONNEST! I took lots of pictures too but paypal has not requested that I send them yet. so in the mean time...I wait...
  10. I probably would just keep the bag and give her a feedback of being "dishonest in her description and return policy."
  11. I would ask if she would refund cleaning fees, or she risks getting a negative fb.
  12. Youch, that's bordering on feedback manipulation AKA feedback extortion.

    I personally would return the bag (signature required, with delivery confirmation) and then demand a refund. This partial refund business bothers me--but that's just my personal thing.
  13. Personally I don't think so... if it were me i'd be leaving this person negative or neutral for being dishonest even if they did partially refund.

    To me I think i'm just stating the facts and the situation to them: "You advertised a bag as mint and I got a used bag. I will be leaving negative feedback".

    If it helps her in getting the partial refund she fully deserves, then I say go for it. Feedback blackmail is only bad when the party has done nothing dishonest and is being threatened with a neg.
  14. Oh I totally agree that the seller was dishonest and deserves a negative--I just feel that you have to be really careful not to threaten negative feedback when attempting to negotiate for a deserved refund. It's bound to make the seller defensive, and since this seller is clearly not all that great as a seller, who knows what she'll pull? It could end up with negatives all around and no resolution for the buyer even though the bag was obviously significantly NOT as described.
    See what I mean? I probably should have been more clear in my original comment--sorry about that.
  15. It wasn't intended to be blackmail or threatening at all. As a buyer, I am dead against the misrepresentation of used condition bags, and it's only fair to the ebay community if you warn future buyers about it. As a matter of fact I once purchased a bag supposedly in new condition but I found dirt and grime near the bottom seams in every compartment! If someone had given similar fb about this seller, honestly I would be so thankful! This bag wasn't even purchased for myself. It was supposed to be a birthday gift for my mom, she saw it online an instantly wanted it, and as it was the only item of its kind for sale, she very much looked fwd to receiving it. Seller has greatly inconvenienced me because I had to spend time to buy another present for her at the last minute!