keep speedy lock on?

  1. hi,

    this is a silly question, but do you guys leave your lv locks on the speedys/? i took mine off, and stored them thinking that i would never really use the lock, (probably lose it)... but in alot of the pics the speedys have their locks on...

    what do you think?
  2. I think it looks cute with it on.

    Just remember not to store it with the lock hanging on - give the leather a break otherwise the tab may stretch out a bit !
  3. i keep the lock on. i think it looks cute that way :yes:
  4. I always keep the lock on. All of my Speedys (that came with locks anyway) have them on. Even my mom's vintage one..she's never taken the lock off and neither have I but I haven't noticed one bit of stretching, even after it having been on for about 16 years.
  5. I have never left it on to avoid the leather tab hole from stretching out and getting dark.
  6. I keep mine on.:yes:
  7. I keep mine on too
  8. I keep mine on. It just looks cuter that way.
  9. :yes: Mine stays on my speedy all the time.
  10. I Don't Leave My Locks On
  11. I leave my lock on
  12. My locks are on.
  13. i keep my locks on.. not the speedy but my dior bostons..
  14. i have my lock on and put the keys hanging inside the loop of the closed lock. it looks cute there :P
  15. I keep it on all the time!