Keep Refreshing Those Sale Pages

  1. Hi Ladies:

    I just wanted to encourage you to bookmark your favorite sale pages and keep refreshing them. I bookmarked the Tods sale section at NM and have been refreshing it daily and today I was able to get a super buy on a pair of Tods shoes that showed up in my size. Obviously it was an after Christmas return, but the price was great and if I'm not happy I can return them. So keep checking - I'm sure there will be lot's of returns within the next couple of weeks!!:smile:
  2. Sorry but how to bookmark please?:confused1:
  3. I find it easiest to cut and paste the link of the page that the item is on into a Word document or into an e-mail I send to myself.

  4. Once youu get the link open-all you have to do is click the add to my favorites button on your tool bar. I have a gold star and a green cross over a gold star. You click on the green one to add it to your favorites. Then when you want to :rolleyes:check it you click on the gold star and the link will be there until you delete it. Good luck!