Keep Red Boots?

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  1. Hello everybody! I have never posted in this subforum, but I need your advice on my new boots!

    They are Franco Sarto Deep Red under the knee boots with a buckle on the side (silver) 2 inch heels. Georgous!

    The maybe issue...They do not fit conformly to my upper leg/calf. They gape a little with space. I am referring to the tops of the boots as I stand in them showing a little gape. Does this make sense:confused1:

    I love them, and got them for $60.00 off current pricing. Should I return because of the gaping? It is not overly excessive or anything...just some.

    Your opinions are most needed. Thank you, Ghost[​IMG]
  2. I've had a couple of pairs of boots that gape, but the beauty with the current fashion of tucking jeans into boots is that it takes care of the gap! I have always loved red boots and think that these boots are hot. If the boots are uncomfortable, though, you should return them.
  3. The snorks! I haven't heard from you in while how is it going?
    They seem to be comfortable. I appreciate your opinion. The leather is well made and I have never had a problem w/ Franco Sarto as far ease of wear. I do tend to wear my boots with skirts and under jeans as I think my legs look funny with the current over the pants look. But...since the gap is not grossly big...maybe I can still get away with it?:confused1:
  4. As long as they are comfortable I wouldn't worry about a little gaping. The boots are gorgeous! They're a keeper!
  5. I would keep them if i was you, they are very sexy :heart:
  6. I really like them. A lot of my boots have the gap but its nothing to worry about :smile:
  7. It's going pretty good! I'm on winterbreak, which is why I have the time to haunt the boards; otherwise, i'm crazybusy with teaching and grading.:Push:

    Keep the boots, they're so cute, and if the gap isn't too big, then it won't look funny. I would only worry about the gap if it was uncomfortable when walking.
  8. Thanks Prada and The Snorks! Sorry~ I should have put this in the glass slipper to begin with. :yes: I am keeping them! Thanks for your advice Everybody!:yahoo:
  9. they're keepers! beautiful boots.