Keep Pochette Metis in Mono or other options...

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Pochette Metis

  1. Monogram

  2. Reverse Monogram

  3. Empriente Noir

  1. Hi all,

    I posted about a month ago about a 2nd LV bag, well low and behold I fell for the Pochette Metis. I decided it was either that or possibly the Siena in PM since I didn't love the speedy's slouchiness on me, or the Alma BB in DE (we will get to those at the end)

    I have an SA who is a boss, and really talks with me about every bag and the pros/cons and what looks good on me. I told her what I wanted and it was the reverse, but I would allow her to also get me the monogram- just whichever came in first. I was really hoping to have gotten the reverse in first, but the monogram came in first and I was let down as I thought the reverse would be more me. When I was in the store my SA wasn't there so it was another SA, I tried on the mono and *loved* it. However, I have really been unsure about which of the 3 prints/materials I like the best so I tried on the Empriente in noir. And holy smokes, again loved it. I decided since I had the mono right in front of me (and they're difficult to obtain) I would take it home.

    However, I cannot stop thinking about the empriente in noir and the fact that it is less fussy and more carefree, and honestly same goes for the reverse. But I don't know how to feel about spending that money on a black bag, you know? And honestly I feel a little self conscious with the LV monogramming all over the bag. Is that silly or what? That said, I personally love it. But up until this point I have had some more subdued bags that are expensive but no one would know. Have any of you struggled with that? Maybe it's a me thing lol. But in all honesty I am really struggling with this dang bag and the print that is for me... :/

    I also think I felt pressured in taking it home because the SA was pretty pushy in saying that "Girl, when you have a monogram PM you take it". My question is, should I keep the monogram or return it for the empriente or reverse? I feel very torn.

    And finally to really complicate things, I was able to snag an Alma BB in DE for a steal at my local consignment shop yesterday. I couldn't help myself and it's in amazing shape. Do any of you have both the PM and the Alma BB? If so, do you gravitate towards one over the other? I feel like I shouldn't keep both. In conclusion, I am thinking I keep either the PM (tbd on print) or keep the Alma BB. Or better yet, neither and pick up the Siena PM in lieu of the Speedy B.

    Thanks for reading my novel, I can't believe I have so much to say on purses lol!
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  2. I think it’s super easy to fall into the “it’s rare so I need to buy” trap. Buy what you really like. Of those, I’ve liked the noir best as well, and there’s nothing wrong with that, just because it’s easier to come by than the mono.

    I definitely get the difficulty of that choice, but we’re buying luxury items for ourselves and to me I’ll always pick something easier to wear than one that’s harder to style, or too flashy for my daily style.
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  3. I was in similar shoes as you are.... until today. I had gotten a reverse PM from the website after weeks of stalking (I was obsessed) and love it because it was “different” but it was also defective. I just couldn’t live with that and I took it into my local LV store today for a return and was shown a perfect mono PM.

    So when chatting with a really nice SA, who I will definitely use in the future, I was given great advice on how to add some fun to a mono bag!

    I need to work on my technique but, I had never even considered the ability to spruce it up this way.... and I can change it out as if/when I get bored. I love that versatility! So even though it’s not the reverse, it makes me so happy!

    So go with what’s makes you happy and confident! Wear your bag, don’t let it wear YOU.

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  4. I think instead of listening to an SA or anyone else you should follow your heart. Just because something is harder to get doesn’t make it the right choice. If you love noir, get noir. Listen to your heart, not others.

    That being said, I find the mono version super easy to style & carry. For me it works like a neutral. I only own the mono. Given the choice of only one PM I would still choose the mono because that is personally what my heart loves. If you feel funny carrying mono & noir fits better with your wardrobe & comfort level - go noir. The reverse is still a mono print so your comfort level with “LV everywhere” should be equal I would think. I don’t think the reverse is as easy to style as the regular mono or noir.

    The Alma BB - if you hadn’t gotten it “at a steal” would you still want it/love it? Was it a bag you had wanted before the deal came along? Rarity & sales can sometimes make us choose things we otherwise wouldn’t... and sometimes those choices don’t fulfill us because it wasn’t what we really wanted.
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  5. I have all three PM's, Mono, Reverse and Black Empriente. I love them all but I reach for the mono the most. It's such a great everyday bag. I feel the Empriente is dressier and even though the Reverse is care free, I do worry about color transfer on the back when I'm wearing dark colors. With that being said, get the one you want and keep the Alma BB DE especially if you got it for a great price. (side note....I did treat my mono handle with apple guard so I don't worry about water spots).
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  6. Do your research of pros and cons on all the bags. And instead of focusing on what looks good...think about which is more applicable to your lifestyle! Don't rush your decision...take all the time you need...these bags ain't goin nowhere.
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  7. I totally get you ! Especially on this forum it can feel like the pochette metis is a unicorn. I stalked this bag in the reverse and the mono for a year and have seen it online quite a bit so like soniaa said - it's not going anywhere :smile:. The SA probably would understand if you brought it back - as it would likely get picked up by someone else.

    Before buying a bag I imagine I have all the bags in my closet (including the one I'm thinking about getting). When would I grab for it? Would I end up using another bag less if I bought the new bag (maybe time to sell that bag?).

    Good luck on your decision
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  8. Empr-EI-nte
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  9. I have the empreinte noir PM and love it!!
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  10. I do think the Alma BB would have been a purchase down the line. It would be a top 3 choice I think it would be the PM, Siena and then the BB. However, I feel like I really should not be acquiring 2 bags at once. I am able to afford it, but it almost makes it feel less special in a way to cluster them together if that makes sense. This might be the rare time I would do that, but you make a very good point about sales! It was difficult to turn down due to the price :-/

    I think I am going to go into the store this week and bring my PM along and try the noir on again. The reverse I think is out, due to what others have said, and it would be more difficult to style the more I think of my day to day outfits.
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  11. Thanks! The BB is so dang cute, I really was on the fence about it a month ago but after my SA showed it to me when I was window shopping awhile back it's been on my mind!
    I really do love the way the Monogram looks on me, but I have yet to wear it out since I am thinking of exchanging it.The noir is so gorgeous, but there is a mental block since in my mind it is "just" a black bag. But I know it's more than that, and the feel of the bag is so supple and what I like about it is that it seems like it could easily slide from day to night. I picture the mono being my everyday bag, with less versatility but I am a pretty business/casual typically. Do you use your noir for more dressy occasions?
  12. That's awesome! Is it your daily bag would you say? Did you have any difficulties deciding on that bag in particular?
  13. Newbie here, but note taken :smile:
  14. True, I have been hyper focused on the PM with my SA texting me about ones that she missed out on for me. I think that has gotten me all worked up, when in reality they are just bags. Beautiful ones at that, and you are right they aren't going anywhere- thanks :smile:
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  15. Thanks for this! What you and everyone else is saying is ringing true, I have to go with my gut and what I know I will wear and enjoy the most. Also- very cute way of accessorizing it! And I am sorry about the reverse, that must've really been disappointing to say the least :sad: