Keep Padlock w/key on bags?

  1. Just wondering about caring for my new red baby!

    Got the epi speedy in Red which came with silver padlock and key.

    Do you guys keep the padlock and key hanging on your bag at all times? Just wondering about scratching, etc.

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from. I used to leave the padlock with the key inside of the padlock on my bags and luggage, but I found it to be much better to leave the lock locked on one side of the pull of the zipper and have all the keys in a Louis Vuitton Key Holder. That way if you want to lock it, you have the keys safely tucked into your bag.
  3. I left the keys in the lock on my Graffiti Speedy and I have lost the keys as a result.
  4. thank you! I was afraid of losing the key. I"ll keep it safe.

    I am one happy momma that I have my first red bag for valentine's day!
  5. i keep my keys and lock on the d-ring inside my speedies, that way i don't lose any of my locks and keys, while keeping the shape of the leaf for the lock.
  6. I like my speedy without a lock and keys on it.
  7. i keep the padlock on the leaf and the key on the inside of the bag (i don't use the lock unless i am in an airport anyway, so the key is safe from loss inside)
  8. Lock and keys are on all my bags expect my mini lin they are inside attached to the d ring. I do have one key from that lock and one from my lockit on my key ring just in case the other key gets lost.
  9. I keep my on too!
  10. Congrats on your Epi Speedy!!! I keep the lock on while I'm using the bag, because I like how it looks, but I just leave the key at home (if I purchase a key holder, I would prob. put the key in there). I take the lock off when I am storing the bag though.
  11. Like everyone else, lock on outside, key on inside on dring.

  12. same here!
  13. I keep my lock (without keys) on the leaf but never actually "lock" it, KWIM? I keep the one key in the pocket and the spare in a box on my dresser.
  14. I lost the keys on my carryall that way too :sad: I lost them in Cabo...thus no way to find them ever again lol
  15. I only lock the lock on my damier speedy, I hate how the leaf gets dirty on my mono speedy. But I always keep the keys on the inside pocket.