Keep or Trade Keepall?!


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Feb 16, 2009
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Hi everyone! So I have an opinion question... I have a Keepall 60 W/ Strap circa 1995 (according to my SA) that I bought on Ebay in 04. It really has a GORGEOUS perfect honey patina and I've had the tag hot stamped w/ my initials.

Since then I've bought a Trousse Toilette, Garment Bag and a Pegase 60 to accompany it. The garment bag is very slightly used and the Pegase was brand new and hardly has a patina at all.

So your opinion, should I sell the Keepall and buy a new one with the money (I also have some $ on a gift certificate) so they all age and patina in the same general progression or should I keep it? I do have an attachment as I have taken it on many trips, however all of the patina isn't from me so I feel as if maybe I should buy a new one to create my own patina..

Ugh I can't decide!!!

I'm a guy and can't splurge on a handbag so luggage is my option.

What do you all think?! Let me know..

I might post pics later.. the color differences are so different!
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Jul 21, 2008
Santiago, CL
If it's in good condition with great patina I'd keep it...
Maybe you should go to the store and check a brand new keepall 60, there are a lot of people complaining about how the canvas is thinner now or crooked stitching, so go check one and decide if you like yours better or really want a brand new one
Good luck!
Jul 3, 2006
Keep it. You won't have to worry about the patina at all. Once you get a patina on a bag like that, spots don't show. What if you buy a new one and get a water mark before it has a chance to patina. It could be permanent and you'll be so sorry. Keep the gorgeous one.


Oct 10, 2007
Keep the keepall and spend your gift cert. on other bag. Speeding your Garment Bag and a Pegase 60 patina process by expose them to sunlight instead.