Keep or throw back?

  1. Hi, ladies:

    I bought these Manolos for the sale price. I was wondering what you thought about them. My bronze and brown shoes went to the big shoebox in the sky, so I need replacements.

    What do you think?
  2. If you liked them enough to buy them, what makes you wonder if you should return them now? I personally like them and would keep them.

  3. Oggi is a beautiful shoe, but the bronze/gold combo doesn't suit my tastes.

    I'd keep Oggi in silver.
  4. I don't like the color at all, but I like the style.

    The color(s) just wouldn't go with my clothes and it's NMS... I'd probably love the way the looked on someone else though. If you love them, keep them!
  5. I ordered them...I can still cancel the order. I'm not supposed to spend money. I like them, but I'm a little worried about the gold.
  6. I like the style and the color. They are simple but the two-toned look gives them a little something different I don't see all the time.
  7. I love this shoe...if i didn't have wide feet I would have already bought them :crybaby:
  8. I like the style too, not a fan of the two-tone color, though.
  9. I like them a lot...pretty! I saw them on the Neiman's website.
  10. I love a great gold show. I say keep them.
  11. I really like them.
  12. I love them. I thought about buying them myself. But, if you don't have anything to wear with them already, maybe I'd reconsider
  13. My theory is that I have to consider how much I will use them to justify keeping them. $500 that gets used several times a year is justfiable. $500 that sits in my closet and rarely gets used is not justifiable. It depends on your style...but they don't scream "must have" in my opinion. I know I am sometimes a victim of "its on sale I must buy" even if not crazy about the shoe and especially when I find shoes in my size which is rare so I feel compelled to buy every size 42 I see sometimes since it is a rare event. Keep all that in mind and good luck!
  14. hmmm...usually second thoughts are a sign. They are pretty, but not mind-blowing - but who says every shoe has to be? If you think you'll get wear out it based on your wardrobe, keep them :smile:
  15. i love them - great shoes!