keep or sell, what would you do?

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  1. Say you purchased a frivolus item, and it was VERY expensive, and if you used it, it would decrease in value quickly but if you sold it, you could get most of your money back and you feel silly for spending that much, though you do love the item (even though there are now many k/o's of it)

    would you sell it, get your $$ back and get a similar item for less or would you keep it and just chalk it up to being young and stupid with money?
  2. It depends just how expensive. If you have serious doubts, I say sell it quickly and get a similiar item that's less expensive.

    I don't think you should chalk anything up to being "young and stupid with money!"
  3. $560, pair of shoes.
  4. Oh, Satine! They must be gorgeous shoes for that price!

    Do you have to go without something more necessary? Did you have to put them on a card? If the answers are "no," I would keep the shoes if you truly adore them. It really does sound like you're having second-thoughts. You shouldn't feel guilty everytime you wear the shoes.

    Can you not return them?
  5. :smile: they are nice. They are louboutins. i just feel bad spending that much for plain black pumps, when i can get them anywhere. i bought them awhile ago, and finally got them back (after much unnecessary drama) and now wonder if i should keep. what the hell, i bought them, right? lol
  6. I think if you are having doubts you should return them...if you spent that much money on shoes you really love, I don't think you would have doubts. Provided you can easily afford them without going into
    debt or living without food!
  7. I bet they are gorgeous! If you think you can swallow the cost, go for it and enjoy! No second thoughts.
  8. If you love them and can afford it, keep them. Louboutin shoes are very nice.
  9. If you can afford it, keep it. It's not frivilous to buy what you love.

    By the Louboutin black pumps are much better than the average black pump. They are classic but made sexier with their red soles (and the curve of the shoe itself). Plus they are very well made. They are the perfect black pumps.
  10. If you think about it at night when you're trying to sleep, return them. If not, keep them.
  11. I think I would just cut the loss and try to sell quickly, especially if you think it will continue to depreciate.
  12. Um, well if you can afford it, you should keep them! There is nothing better than walking in $600 shoes!! hehehe ;)
  13. lol yeah, i'll be in $600 shoes but wearing old ugly clothes! haha

    i've been thinking about it for awhile now...such a hard decision. I am not rich, but i saved to get them....the thing is, if other's didn't copy the red sole, i'd probably keep them, as that's what made them special, but now everyone has a red sole, even super cheap shoes, so it makes mine less special.
  14. nooooo, keep them! The red sole being copied doesnt make them any less special! You can tell a real louboutin at a hundred yards. Honestly other red soles, not the same AT ALL :biggrin:
  15. Just because things are copied to death does not make them less special. You know they're the real deal and you wanted it so much that you saved until you can afford them. Doesn't that make the shoes very special? Truly, that is reason enough to keep those gorgeous shoes. But if you're financially hurting and you need the money, then you do what you have to do. Goodluck!