Keep or sell my new navy blue jumbo double flap?

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  1. hi! i recently bought a brand new navy blue jumbo double flap in silver hardware and i also own a black jumbo single flap in gold hardware. i'm contemplating whether i should sell one of the bags or should i keep them both.

    i want to keep the navy blue because it's hard to come by as i have not seen the navy blue for some time while the black single flap is already retired so i won't find one again.
  2. I would say keep it since you love it. :smile:
  3. keep both! black with gold is classic. Blue with silver is hard to come by and goes with everything! i know, I am not being very helpful :P
  4. I would keep both!
  5. the navy is TDF!!! Congrats on getting that beauty, I would keep both, unless you "bag budget" stretch beyond your comfortable the only then would I sell the black. They both are keepers to me :smile:
  6. yup, please keep both.

    when i saw the navy i was sooo happy! it was a consolation because they didn't have a reissue large in ghw (still getting it as it's totally different from the classic caviar. they had a medium available, too small for me).

    and since navy (my fave color) is so hard to come by i got it to get my chanel navy fix.
  7. yes i love it that i kept thinking that i should just keep it! :smile:
  8. i agree! :smile: should keep both i think
  9. thanks ladies for your opinion! :smile: i should keep both i think since navy is hard to come by. :smile:
  10. Keep it Both... Navy blue is hard to find..and jumbo black single flap is discontinued..
  11. Please keep the navy blue. I know from experience. My SA contacted me about 6 weeks ago and said she just got in a navy blue with SHW and it would not be there long. I purchased it on a whim. After I got it I felt I would not use it much. I just sold about 2 weeks ago. Big mistake, big big mistake. I regret already. Keep it!!!!
  12. Keep them both. The navy is a must-have in your bag collection. The hardwares are different I don't see why both look the same :smile: Keep them.
  13. Definitely a keeper!
  14. decided to just keep it! :smile:
  15. keep both !