Keep or Sell - my gaucho?

  1. I have a large red gaucho that I purchased few month ago. It has been sitting in my room since I got it. I didn't use it because 1. there is not really special occasion to use it since I just goes to school everyday and have to use a bag that fits my heavy books. 2. I am not sure what color clothes goes well with the red color of the bag.

    So my question is : do you think the gaucho is going out of style now? Should I sell it?
    2. eBay has tons of fake gaucho, any other good place to sell the bag if I do decided to sell it?

  2. I have the tote gaucho in vintage white color and still in love. I think gaucho will still be in style for a long time because of its unique style. It is a classic bag for Dior just like spy bag for Fendi imo. You need to take your gaucho out so you know how you love this bag. The red is gorgeous and perfect color for fall too!

    Carry her, then think and sell if you don't love her.
  3. lol give your gaucho a chance ! ;) i have the red tote and i can honestly say this is the bag that gets the most use ! i wear it with anything...but then 99% of my clothes are black so no biggie lol gauchos arent getting out of style any time soon i promise!

    try it out, carry it a few times and then, if you feel its not working for you, sell it.If you love it, keep it!
  4. I agree with the others, at least use it a few times before deciding.

    You may be pleasantly surprised :smile:
  5. ehhh when in doubt throw it out.

    someone else would love to have that bag if you are unsure about it
  6. that would be me:nuts: i'd love to have a gaucho, authentic ones are so hard to find on eBay and i gave up searching 2 weeks ago
  7. Dont give up!!! you will find one! i found all the bags of my dreams via eBay in less than 6 months. :smile: just keep checking!
  8. i'm with the rest of the girls, i'd say, give it a chance! the red colour for the gaucho range is my absolute favourite colour and i'm eternally kicking myself for not getting one in red. the large seems like a good size and maybe you could fit in a book or two into it and carry the rest of your books in your arms? (that's what i do when my books can't fit into my bag. i'm not a practical person. lol!)

    as for the red, i think it goes brilliant with black, charcoal, browns, white or cream or very pale yellow (just off the top of my head). maybe you could have a look at the "celebrities with their dior" thread and see what some of the celebs are pairing up with their red gaucho to get some tips/inspiration.
  9. Wow,

    I debated for ages on whether or not to get the red and I got the blue instead, because I had the chloe hobo in the burgandy and didn't want to overlap.

    You always need a red bag! Red is the perfect accessory colour and it goes with everything. Besides, it shouldn't "match" anything, just coordinate or punctuate. Jeans, boots, black military jacket, skirt with leggings and a sweater many ways!

    And I do love the gaucho. It's a classic and I know even if I don't use it alot over the next little while, I will keep bumping into it. I'm seeing it every season in my closet. And it is great for carrying loads of stuff, especially if you are travelling.

    Good luck with your decision. Seems like a lot of happy gaucho owners here on this thread. Please join us! Just use it!!!
  10. I'm in a similar position. I have the green tote and I've only carried it a few times. It's just too big for me and my boyfriend doesnt like it all. I got it the first few weeks it came out, but now it's almost like LV where every where I look I see one. I'm finding more and more I want smaller bags, but then complain when I carry them ;) (although I did just break down and buy the silver beaded limited edition clutch and the chain mail is next :upsidedown:)

    I'm debating selling mine on ebay as well, but with the inflow of fakes it drives down the resale price for an authentic one.

    Some places you might consider selling is at a consignment boutique or Craigslist.
  11. I originally thought the gaucho would be a fad, but Dior just keeps on putting it out there in different materials...I have two and really love them.
  12. I have the blue gaucho. I've been using it, but because the color is similar to my Balenciaga I've been thinking of selling it. I've been checking Ebay and the price of gauchos have been fairly low compared to the retail price.

    Don't consignments take commission?
  13. yes they do some of them up to 40% :tdown:
  14. ^ Oh my.. 40% is a lot...