Keep or Sell? Flat Chanel Slingbacks

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to get your two-cents on whether I should keep my flat chanel slingbacks in the classic colour combo beige and black. I originally wanted the block heel version but the store I went to was out of stock, and I didn't get to try one in my size as well. I purchased the flat slingbacks because I thought I would get more wear out of them than the pair of heels as I heard they can be quite uncomfortable. However, as silly as it sounds, now I feel like the block heel version might be a better purchase simple because it's the more iconic of the two. I was wondering if it would be a good idea for me to sell my flat slingbacks, or should I keep them and also purchase one in the same colour combo with the heel?

    I would greatly appreciate your opinion on this! Thank you. :smile:
  2. I would try on the block heel version before you sell the flats. I have owned so many of these, they’re so beautiful but I can’t find a size in the block heel where the strap does not slip off my heel when walking more than 50 meters or so, but the flats don’t give me that problem. Others have reported the opposite experience, so just make sure the block heel fits well for walking first!
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  3. I have 6 pairs of the heel slingbacks and they are my favourite shoe from Chanel. I find them very comfortable and I don't notice slipping of the strap. I was told to size down half a size by my SA in the leather version so that the strap fits well and because the leather stretches after a few wears. Initially the first wear or two is uncomfortable but then once they soften they are the most comfortable shoe in my opinion. I don't normally wear heels everyday and I was able to do 20000-25000 steps a day on holiday in these heels. I have tried the flat version and I really don't like the way they look on my feet as they are not as flattering. I would definitely try the heel version on and see what you think first if you are unsure about the flats. The height is so versatile for day and night and the shape is very iconic.
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  4. Thanks nicole0612 and kn85!

    Just as an update - I did try the block heels in store, and absolutely fell in love. I ended up buying them! The block heel straps work better for me than the flats' straps for some reason.

    Now I'm just thinking of whether I should sell the flats or keep them. >_<
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  5. There are these:

    I was so disappointed at the straps and did some research and got these. They work really well! I’d highly recommend them [emoji4]
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  6. I have both and like the flats with a capri length pant...casual yet classy!
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  7. What size are you? I have been looking for the flat beige slingbacks for over a year!
  8. Oh wow! I didn't realise they were hard to come by.

    Im usually a 36, and took 35 1/2 for the slingbacks [emoji4]
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