Keep or sell black large muse?

  1. Really confused... would love to have some extra cash from selling my muse but am worried i might regret it. I have only used it once but since i am still in college, i feel that the reason i am using it less is because I don't want to bring an expensive bag to college, and during the weekends, i don't need such a big bag. I am starting work at the end of 2007 and wonder if I would use it more for work. I really don't know what i should do... :confused1:

    for those who have the muse.. how often do you use it?
  2. I have a large chocolate Muse. When I first received it was unsure as well. It was only me and a mirror. So I "test" drove it one day and wore it to work. I am easily encouraged by compliments and let me tell you - on that day there were plenty! First with my husband then my friends/co-workers.

    Yes, the bag is large, but it is very durable. The leather is sturdy and so are the handle straps. But you will learn to quickly fill it up! May I ask why you won't bring it to school? Why own a bag if you can't use it? If I was a student I'd use my Muse everyday! It's perfect. You could put your wallet, makeup pouch, pencil pochettes, cell phone and probably two 8'11 books into it.

    Remember, bags are bought to be carried and enjoyed. Don't fear taking it to school. You are there most of the time anyhow, so why not live your life with a wonderful bag on your arm?
  3. Keep it, it's a great bag. =)
    You'll be able to use it when you start working.
  4. Did you make a decision? Seems like it is a nice bag. I want one!! Still debating. Help me guys to decide!!!
  5. keep :drool: :drool: :drool:
  6. I totally agree. This bag is awesome. Don't sell it! I think you will regret it, since I bet you'll use it daily once you start work. I have a large black muse and use it for work (and I have tons of bags I love but the black muse is just so classy, you can't go wrong). I teach at a university so I have to carry books and papers and it is perfect for that. You should try using it for school. Lordguinny is right. Bags are for carrying and if you can get over any nervousness about carrying a fancy bag, I guarantee you will enjoy toting the muse as your schoolbag. :yes:
  7. keep it, you might regret it one day.....
  8. It will a great work bag.
  9. Keep it definitely! I love mine:yahoo:
  10. One issue to think about is that the large bag look may not have legs past another season or two, in which case it will be harded to resell later.
  11. Seems like you are still struggling with your decision, uh?
  12. I am also a student and I actually purchased it to use for school. I have the oversized and use it all the time, and it has held up great. I only carry a notebook back an forth and an occassional book and it fits perfectly and is easy to carry. I also carry it out during the day. It is so comfortable to use because it fits everything. I just love it.

    I have also thought about the fact that the oversize bag may soon be out of style, but I think we still have some time. Besides, I think the size may lend itself to be used for other things later.

    So which bag would you get?
  13. I say keep it. I have one too and though I don't use it too often its one of those bags that will be a classic to me.
  14. I tried selling mine a few times and didn't get near what I wanted. So I've kept it and use it occasionally.
  15. Of course, KEEP IT. Muse is a nice bag forever.