Keep or sale???

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  1. Okay ladies, really need your input... I just bought my Dk.Chocolate Spy not too long ago and I now I want the bronze colored one. Should I... 1) Sale my dk choco spy 2)Keep choco spy and forget bronze one 3) Keep choc spy AND buy bronze one.

    ***I feel tooo guilty for having 2 Spy's**** Which color do you think is more classic: dk. Chocolate or Bronze????:sad2:
  2. Both ! I love both the colours, and the metallic is so awesome, not crazy shiny, just an understated splash of colour ! And hey, if you've got the $$$ to afford both, you should enjoy to its fullest ! :lol:
  3. Personally I would keep both. If the guilt gets to you and you really want to sell the dk brown do it later. Just make sure you "love" that bronze and it just isn't a I need it now thing. :love:
  4. I like the bronze and the dark chocolate so I see the problem. I say why feel guilt enjoy both of them. To me either color is classic. I wonder how you find all of these great colors. I hung around eluxury for a month waiting and finally settled with the zucca. :lol:
  5. If you want to keep just one, I think the dark chocolate is more classic because metallic is so trendy right now but they are both gorgeous!
  6. The metallic is available now on

    I have the dark chocolate spy and was recently going through your same dilemma of buying both. I would never sell the chocolate, it's really a keeper for me. The metallic is stunning, but I am on a wait list for 3 different color spy's now ( i will choose one,not all three!), and don't really think I will want a bag that's a bit on the loud side forever. The metallic is so unusual though, the turquise hugh in it, it's a tough call.I am instead on a hunt for a whisky paddy now - my new quest.
  7. I have totally lost my faith in spy bags, so I'd say offload one and get the one you really want.
  8. why have you lost your faith?
  9. ^^^I have gotten a BUNCH of defective ones, and I've seen how they prep them, at least at a Fendi boutique here in HI. I have a $2000+ credit and am unwilling to buy another spy bag. I'm trying to sell the credit, even at a loss, this is how much I do not want another spy :lol:
  10. defective? please do tell... details details!
  11. Bent handles, spots, loose threads, you name it. I've had two and they've both had problems. I seriously need to offload this credit, and it blows because I dont even know if that credit is transferrable. Such a hassle, I wish I had never bought that bag.
  12. has anyone else have had this problem as noriko?

    and how do they prep the bags?
  13. An SA brought a petrol spy out and since she knew I was particular about loose threads and such she literally took a scissors out and started cutting the bag's threads rather roughly right in front of me. It looked like she might have even damaged the bag.
  14. ouch, that completely kills my theory about designer bags lasting a life time.

    fendi just got black listed in my book.
  15. ^^^don't take my word for it, a lot of other people have had wonderful experiences :biggrin: But mine sucked balls, I guess live and learn.