Keep or Return?

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  1. So - I purchased a Rose Ballerine Empreinte Key pouch pre-loved. I have till tomorrow to decide if I'm going to keep it or return it. While it was listed as gently used – the description clearly stated that it was in excellent condition and the only sign of wear was light scratches on the hardware. However now that I have it I see that it's dirty with some dirt/scuff/pen marks. Very tiny ones - but I noticed them right away. I know that I overpaid to begin with – but client service couldn't locate one for me and I really wanted one, so I got one while I could. I wouldn't have spent so much if I had known about the marks. So I need to decide what to do with it. It was a risk I took since it was labeled gently used, and I am just not sure either way. What would you do? Return it? Or try to clean it?
  2. If it bothers you, return it.
    Because the marks will not go away and will continue to bother you every time you use this piece.
    Personally, light scuffs and marks are within the "gently used" condition IMO. May be you had really high expectations since it's a piece you've been looking for.

    If you don't have prior experience with cleaning empreinte pieces, I wouldn't recommended doing it yourself. You may make even larger marks/scuffs. An option is to bring it to your LV store and see what they recommend.
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  3. I am with AngieBaby15. Send it back
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  4. If you're not happy. Send it back!
  5. No compromising on this pricing quality
    Return it
  6. If it's not as described and you're not happy with it then I suggest returning it.
  7. Can you post pics?
  8. Key pouch is excellent SML but not in rose ballerina . Send it back . Mono key pouch is the best one . I purchased one yesterday :smile:
  9. Pls add some pics may be there is nothing to worry but I said before all rose ballerinas get dirty at the end . Always you must pay attention :/