Keep or Return???

  1. What do you think about the Monogram Mini Lin Speedy? Should I keep it or return it?
  2. Well, what do you dislike about it?
  3. I'm curious too as to what you dislike about it. I love the mini lin speedy. I plan on purchasing if the Speedy Dentelle does not work out for me... I've researched everyone on TPF who has one and they love it...
  4. I'm not a fan of it, but it's your decision not any of US !;)
  5. There's not wrong with it. I had the mono speedy 25 but not sure should I keep another one in the same style but different material.
  6. Keep it. It keep your other speedy company.
  7. Personally it's not my favorite but then again many people on this forum have speedies in many different lines- just ask Selena :graucho:
  8. I like them and almost bought one today.. but I wasn't sure because it was very saggy.. too saggy for me. So I came home with a black Epi Petit Noe..
  9. i like the mini lin. i think that it's a different bag from the mono speedy 25 you already have. you should keep it if you like the bag.
  10. I love the mini lin speedy..........
  11. I'd keep it!
  12. I wouldn't keep it if I already have a mono... They're both dark and monogram, seemss kinda redundant to me. If, if your mini-lin speedy was in a different color, then I *may* consider it.
  13. I'm not a fan of the Mini Lin line, but the speedy is beautiful....i think if you dont LOVE it, don't keep it, maybe exchange it for another kind of speedy, maybe consider the denim neo speedy? or an epi or damier? good luck, whatever you choose will turn out wonderful i'm sure ! :heart:
  14. I have never seen one IRL but from the pics on here I have to say I love it! I have considered getting one myself. I love the sag of it and I also love the dark color and no vachetta thing too.
  15. I love mini lin so I say keep it.