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  1. I just received the Treopli bootie through mail order. I got them in the sale. The only size left was a 38 which is my true size and also my Decollete/Simple/Declic size. They are gorgeous booties and I thought they would be okay but they feel really tight. The are very narrow in the toe and with them being peep toe booties, I felt like my toes were getting squished. Will they stretch enough to be comfortable? Has anyone had peep toes that were too tight and then stretched? TIA
  2. Being that they are suede there is a good chance they'll stretch a bit.
  3. I have them too! They are gorgeous! I tried everything possible to stretch the peep toe but like you said it was SO tight it just didn't work out for me, my toes actually lost blood circulation they were that squashed lol so I am now waiting for the half size up in the mail :smile: They don't stretch very well at all. Depending how painful it is for you they might give a tiny bit but if it's extremely painful like mine were and they are really hard to get on as well then I don't think it will work out :sad: Do you have pics?
  4. ^^You mean pics of me wearing them? I can take some. Did you order TTS at first? Did you try wearing them round the house for a long time? I think one of my feet must be bigger than the other as one of them didn't feel too bad but they were a little difficult to get on. One of them, my left foot, was painful as the peeptoe was digging into the side of my toe. Do you really not think they will stretch over time? do you mind me asking where you have ordered the next size from? I found them really hard to track down.
  5. I ordered a half size larger than my normal CL size.....I could have gone up a whole size. I am hoping they will stretch some. I can wear mine but upon first putting them on, my 3 and 4 toe are squished and it is uncomfortable. It seems to get better after the first 30 minutes, not sure yet if it is because my toes are falling asleep!
  6. ^^Lol! So even a half size up was too tight?
  7. I'm between a 39.5 and a 40 and I ordered 39.5. I found the 40 on ebay (authenticated here) and I am hoping those will be just fine. I wore them around the house as much as I could for the whole day almost, I had lines on my big toes from where it dug in so much and almost blue toes from no blood lol it was so painful! I tried all I could but I definitely ordered the wrong size, much too small for me.

    Yeah I meant photos so I can see if your toes are super squashed or they might be ok with wear kind of squashed :smile:
  8. Okay, I will take some pics now and then you can tell me if yours looked the same! I'm going to be wearing them with opaque tights not bare feet so don't know if this makes a difference with stretching them out.
  9. Just tried to take some pics but they don't show my toes being crushed, they look okay! It's how they feel that's bad!
  10. Sock trick!
  11. ^^Yes!
  12. What's that? Wearing them with socks or stuffing them with socks?!Lol!
  13. Wearing them with socks, try it!
  14. can you use that shoe stretcher spray on suede?