Keep or return?

  1. I purchased this tunic from Shopbop last week and I'm totally on the fence about it:


    I was planning on wearing it with black tights like the model in the picture. I think that my main problem with it is that it's cute, but not $98 cute.

    Opinions?? TIA!!!

    I'll post modeling pics when I get home tonight.
  2. Yeah, I agree that it's cute, but not really worth $98...

    But if you like it, and will wear it a lot, I say keep it!
  3. I think it's very cute. I would keep it, but if you are concerned about price I'm sure you could find something similar that is also less expensive.
  4. I think it would look super cute with dark skinny jeans! If you really love it and you'll wear it all the time then I think it's worth it :shrugs:
  5. It is cute, but I'm thinking you could find something similar at a lower price point.
  6. I agree with you...cute, but there are other tops out there. Maybe if it were on sale....
  7. It's cute if you have the right body shape for it. I like it but the bubble hem and gathered chest isn't flattering for everyone. Can't wait to see the modeling pics.
  8. very trendy and probably will be become "dated" very quickly...i'd return it
  9. Definitely cute! But it might look outdated in a few months and its expensive. Ive seen similar at Forever 21,H&M, and Urban Outfitters.
  10. I like it. You can definitely get something very similar for cheaper though.
  11. I always use the $5 rule. Divide your purchase price by 5 (and you get ~20). Do you think you would wear it 20 times? If yes, then Keep it ...
  12. I think it's really cute but I agree, you could probably find something similar for a much lower price...
  13. me too! i like the style... hope you can see like another in lower price..
  14. hmmm....i have to see it on you.
  15. I love it!! there is so many things I could do with that top